Application Notes


Title az    Date 1..9   
5 Considerations for the Mechanical Design, Assembly, and Alignment of Optical Systems 5/26/2015
5 Tips for Designing with Off-the-Shelf Optics 5/26/2015
Aberrations 3/18/2014
Absorption in Laser Optics 12/1/2018
Advantages of Fresnel Lenses 1/23/2012
Advantages of Using Meniscus Lenses in Infrared Applications 11/4/2013
All About Aspheric Lenses 11/26/2014
An In-Depth Look at Axicons 5/24/2011
An In-Depth Look at Spherical Aberration Compensation Plates 9/26/2011
An Introduction to Optical Coatings 4/13/2013
An Introduction to Passive Athermalization 11/4/2013
Anamorphic Prism Pairs 2/15/2021
Anti-Reflection (AR) Coatings 8/7/2012
Aspheric Lens Irregularity and Strehl Ratio 1/1/2019
Aspherized Achromatic Lenses 11/23/2016
Benefits of Hard Coatings 8/1/2014
Building a Mach-Zehnder Interferometer 12/21/2022
Bulk Laser Damage in Glass 3/9/2020
Can A Beam Expander be Used in Reverse? 2/18/2021
Chromatic and Monochromatic Optical Aberrations 4/27/2011
Cleaning Optics 4/15/2009
Comparison of Optical Aberrations 4/27/2011
Considerations in Collimation 12/18/2017
Considerations When Using Cylinder Lenses 11/23/2016
Custom Bandpass Filter using Shortpass and Longpass Filters 8/1/2014
Diffuser Selection Guide 7/31/2014
Dispersion 12/1/2018
Edge-Blackening 5/18/2005
Edmund Optics Preferred Glass Types 8/10/2017
Effects of Laser Mirror Surface Flatness 6/3/2019
Fluorophores and Optical Filters for Fluorescence Microscopy 6/17/2009
Geometrical Optics 101: Paraxial Ray Tracing Calculations 2/28/2012
Handling and Storing High Power Laser Mirrors 7/2/2015
High Laser Damage AR Coatings 12/18/2017
Highly Reflective Coatings 1/1/2019
Homogeneity and Scatter from Inclusions and Bubbles 12/1/2018
How to Design your own Beam Expander Using Stock Optics 9/14/2016
How to Select the Right Light Pipe Homogenizing Rod 11/6/2012
Integration of Optical Systems 5/18/2005
Introduction to Adaptive Optics and Deformable Mirrors 2/29/2016
Introduction to Modulation Transfer Function 3/1/2011
Introduction to Optical Prisms 11/30/2010
Introduction to Polarization 3/2/2015
ISO Drawings for Aspheric Lenses 8/18/2021
Keys to Cost Effective Optical Design and Tolerancing 5/18/2005
Laser Beam Shaping Overview 2/10/2021
Lens Geometry Performance Comparison 8/18/2021
Metallic Mirror Coatings 2/25/2016
Need an Asphere Fast? 11/4/2014
Off-Axis Parabolic Mirror Selection Guide 8/1/2014
Optical Filter Orientation 6/23/2017
Optical Filters 2/29/2012
Optical Flats 5/18/2005
Optical Glass 9/9/2014
Optical Prism Application Examples 1/27/2012
Optics 101: Level 1 Theoretical Foundations 12/8/2010
Optics Application Examples 9/21/2010
Polarizer Selection Guide 4/6/2015
Polymer Polarizers and Retarders 4/13/2013
Precision Tolerances for Spherical Lenses 4/13/2017
Prism Tunnel Diagrams 4/15/2020
Roughness of Diamond Turned Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors 7/13/2017
Shape Factor Influence in Aspheric Lens Design 8/18/2021
Subsurface Damage 12/1/2018
The Benefits of Color-Corrected Optical Lenses 6/14/2012
The Complexities of High-Power Optical Coatings 8/23/2011
The Correct Material for Infrared (IR) Applications 10/26/2010
Thermal Properties of Optical Substrates 12/1/2018
Ultrafast Dispersion 5/19/2020
Understanding Ball Lenses 8/28/2014
Understanding Neutral Density Filters 11/20/2012
Understanding Optical Lens Geometries 2/14/2012
Understanding Optical Specifications 11/2/2010
Understanding Optical Windows 6/12/2017
Understanding Rare Earth Materials 10/25/2011
Understanding Surface Quality Specifications 6/30/2014
Understanding Surface Roughness 3/24/2023
Understanding Waveplates and Retarders 8/31/2019
Understanding White Diffusing Glass 12/18/2017
Using C-Mount Focus Tunable Lenses 5/17/2013
UV vs. IR Grade Fused Silica 9/1/2018
What are Beamsplitters? 11/21/2012
What are Cylinder Lenses? 12/17/2012
What are Ultra-Thin Filters? 12/18/2017
Why Choose an Achromatic Cylinder Lens? 2/28/2012
Why Use an Achromatic Lens? 4/13/2012

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