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Optotune Beam Steering Mirrors New
Optotune Beam Steering Mirrors
  • ±50° of Optical Scanning
  • Protected Gold or Silver Coated Mirror Options
  • Compact 45mm Diameter Housing Footprint
  • Control via USB, SPI, or Analog Input
Iris AO Deformable Mirrors Iris AO Deformable Mirrors
  • Precision Linear Open-Loop Positioning
  • 111 Actuator Design with 37 Hexagonal Segments Controlled in Piston-Tip-Tilt Using 3 Actuators
  • Protected Silver Mirror Coating Shielded with λ/20 Surface Accuracy VIS-NIR Coated Window
  • Iris AO Adaptive Optics Kit also available
Liquid Crystal Variable Waveplates (Retarders) Clearance
Liquid Crystal Variable Waveplates (Retarders)
  • Precise Electrically Controlled Retardance up to λ/2
  • Manual or Computer Interface Control
  • Easy Mounting with 8-32 Tapped Hole
Optotune 10mm Clear Aperture Industrial Focus-Tunable Lenses Optotune 10mm Clear Aperture Industrial Focus-Tunable Lenses
Optotune 16mm Clear Aperture Industrial Focus-Tunable Lenses Optotune 16mm Clear Aperture Industrial Focus-Tunable Lenses
  • Multiple Imaging Lens Mounting Options
  • Large Clear Aperture Ideal for Machine Vision Applications
  • Industrial Hirose Connection with Temperature Sensing
  • Integrated Temperature Control for Improved Thermal Effects
  • Optotune Electrically Focus-Tunable Lenses and Lens Drivers Also Available
Optotune Electrically Focus-Tunable Lenses Optotune Electrically Focus-Tunable Lenses
Optotune Laser Speckle Reducers Optotune Laser Speckle Reducers
  • Ideal for Eliminating Laser Speckle Noise
  • Plug and Play with Integrated Drive Electronics
  • 6 - 24 Degree Diffusing Angles Available

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Active Optical Components are used to manipulate light through a variety of electrical methods, including adaptive reflection, variable diffusion, or tunable focusing. Active Optical Components are ideal for a wide variety life sciences, industrial, or research applications including for testing, illumination systems, wavefront manipulation, or microscopy. Active optics can also be used to replace complex optical systems with more compact, efficient alternatives, which can help reduce system size or remove the need for multiple systems or additional components.

Edmund Optics offers a wide variety of Active Optical Components, including liquid lenses, variable diffusers, or laser speckle reducers, in addition to adaptive optics such as deformable mirrors. Focus-tunable lenses are liquid lenses that utilize a control current to adjust focus, removing the need for multi-lens focus or zoom systems. Adaptive optics, including deformable mirrors, are used to manipulate the wavefront in order to improve the quality of an optical system.

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