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    Fiber Optics

    Optical Fibers, or Fiber Optics, are often used in data transmission or light guide applications. Optical Fibers used in light guide applications transmit safe, no-heat light, which is ideal for medical, inspection, automotive, or display applications. A single Optical Fiber utilizes total internal reflection to transmit light, allowing bends along its path. Minimal light loss during transmission allows Optical Fibers to transmit light or data quickly over long distances. When bundled, Fiber Optics can transmit large quantities of data for telecommunication applications.

    Edmund Optics offers a variety of Fiber Optics, including jacketed or unjacketed optical grade or communications grade Optical Fibers. Optical grade Optical Fiber is ideal for general industrial lighting or short distance data transmission. Communications grade Optical Fiber is designed for optimal visible light transmission for digital or analog links. Jacketed Optical Fiber increases durability while decreasing stray light. Edmund Optics also offers Optical Fiber components, including patchcords, collimators, faceplates, or the tools needed for cutting or stripping Optical Fibers.

    Buffered Fiber Optics

    UV/VIS Optical Fibers

    • High OH Content
    • Fused Silica Core
    • Stepped Index
    • Multimode Fiber

    VIS/NIR Optical Fibers

    • Low OH Content
    • Ideal for Use with NIR Diode Lasers
    • Fused Silica Core
    • Stepped Multimode Fiber

    Fiber Connector Adapters
    • Female Connectors on Both Ends
    • Extend Fiber Patchcord Length
    • Brass Construction

    Fiber Optic Alignment Mounts
    • FC Fiber Connection
    • Two Axis Linear Movement for Precise Fiber Alignment
    • Optional Kinematic Tilt Version

    Fiber Optic Collimator and Focuser Assemblies
    • Easy to Integrate
    • Models for FC and SMA Connections Available
    • Three Wavelength Ranges Covering 350-1600nm

    Fiber Optic Image Conduits
    • Fused Glass Optical Fiber Rods with Ground and Polished Faces
    • Coherent Arrangement of Fibers Relays Images
    • Rigid Rods Bend Under Heat to Almost Any Orientation

    Fiber Optic Patchcords

    Fiber Optic Tapers and Faceplates
    • Coherent Arrangement of Fibers
    • Made with EMA Fibers to Absorb Light
    • Round-to-Round or Round-to-Rectangular Tapers Types Available

    Fiber-Coupled Laser Combiners
    • Two or Three-Port Combiners Available
    • Compact Design for Easy System Integration
    • High Peak Optical Powers

    Focusable Collimators
    • Can Be Coupled to Standard 0.22 NA Fiber Optic Cables
    • Two Coatings Available for UV-VIS or VIS-NIR
    • Multiple Focal Length or Aperture Options

    Optical Grade Fiber Optics
    • Superior Light Transmission
    • ESKA® Fiber Strands
    • Step Index


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