Clearance Testing and Detection

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Lens Stress Analyzers Lens Stress Analyzers Clearance
  • Identify Lens Stress or Contamination
  • Portable, Compact Design
  • Bench-Top or Phone Clip-On Models Available
Spectrum Analysis Power Supply and Tubes Spectrum Analysis Power Supply and Tubes
  • Provide Optimal Intensity and Line Resolution
  • Various Gases Available
  • Ideal for Spectroscopic Applications
Flexible Fiberscopes Flexible Fiberscopes
  • High Resolution, 6000 Element Bundle
  • Large Focusing Range
  • Semi-Rigid Flexible Sheathing
  • Illuminated and Non-illuminated Versions
InGaAs Photodiodes InGaAs Photodiodes
  • Response Range From 900nm to 1700nm
  • Package Supports Single and Multi-Mode Fiber Coupling
  • Both Small Area (High Speed) and Large Area
  • Segmented InGaAs Photodiodes Also Available
InGaAs NIR Spectrometer InGaAs NIR Spectrometer Clearance
  • Wide Spectral Response Ranges
  • High Resolution, Sensitivity, and Dynamic Range
  • Thermo-Electric Cooling (TEC) for Low Dark Noise
  • UV and Visible Spectrometers Also Available
Pre-Mix White Reflectance Coating Pre-Mix White Reflectance Coating
  • Reflectance Value >97%
  • Usable from UV Through Near-IR
  • Suitable for Coating Metal and a Variety of Other Materials