Application Notes


Title az    Date 1..9   
Aberrational Balancing of MTF in Lens Design 3/18/2014
Aberrations 3/18/2014
Advanced Lens Selection 5/25/2018
Assembling Compact Machine Vision Microscopy Systems with 120i Plan APO Infinity Corrected Objectives 3/9/2023
Basic Lens Selection 5/25/2018
Best Practices for Better Imaging 3/12/2014
Cameras 7/23/2012
Choosing the Correct Test Target 9/28/2010
Chromatic and Monochromatic Optical Aberrations 4/27/2011
Comparison of Optical Aberrations 4/27/2011
Contrast 3/13/2014
Depth of Field and Depth of Focus 3/14/2014
Design vs. Manufacturing 10/15/2020
Distortion 3/14/2014
Distortion and Telecentricity 3/11/2015
Fluorescence Microscopy: In-Line Illumination with Imaging Filters 3/23/2012
From Lens to Sensor: Limitations on Collecting Information 3/14/2014
Gauging Depth of Field in Your Imaging System 5/18/2005
How to Choose a Fixed Magnification Lens 5/25/2018
Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imaging 7/6/2020
Imaging Electronics 101: Basics of Digital Camera Settings for Improved Imaging Results 11/3/2011
Imaging Electronics 101: Camera Resolution for Improved Imaging System Performance 11/3/2011
Imaging Electronics 101: Understanding Camera Sensors for Machine Vision Applications 11/3/2011
Imaging Fundamentals 3/12/2014
Introduction to Modulation Transfer Function 3/1/2011
Keys to Cost Effective Optical Design and Tolerancing 5/18/2005
Lens Mounts 9/15/2020
Lens Performance Curves 3/13/2014
Lens Spacers, Shims, and Focal Length Extenders 3/15/2017
Liquid Lens Features, Applications, and Technology 2/16/2018
Liquid Lenses Basics 3/1/2018
Machine Vision Filter Technology 4/2/2014
MTF Curves and Lens Performance 9/14/2020
Object Space Resolution 3/13/2014
Relative Illumination, Roll-Off, and Vignetting 3/14/2014
Resolution 3/12/2014
Resolution and Contrast Comparison 3/15/2017
Resolution and MTF Testing 3/10/2020
Ruggedization of Imaging Lenses 3/15/2017
Sensors and Lenses 11/16/2020
System Throughput, f/#, and Numerical Aperture 3/13/2014
Telecentric Design Topics 3/11/2015
Telecentric Illumination 12/7/2011
Telecentric Lens Size Control 3/11/2015
Testing and Targets 5/23/2017
The Advantages of Telecentricity 3/11/2015
The Airy Disk and Diffraction Limit 3/13/2014
The Anatomy of a Lens 9/11/2020
The Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) 3/13/2014
Tips for Designing Manufacturable Lenses and Assemblies 2/1/2019
Types of Machine Vision Lenses 3/1/2018
Understanding Focal Length and Field of View 3/11/2015
Using C-Mount Focus Tunable Lenses 5/17/2013
Using High Performance Boom Stand Systems 12/17/2013
Using Structured Illumination 12/17/2013
Wavelength Effects on Performance 3/13/2014
What is Imaging? 9/11/2020
What is SWIR? 10/24/2012

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