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Recertified Illumination

Recertified LED Illumination | View All

Advanced Illumination EuroBrite™ Ring Lights
  • 52mm Inner Diameter
  • Requires No Heat Sink
  • Available in White, Red, and Blue

Advanced Illumination Brightfield/Darkfield LED Ring Lights
  • Hybrid Diffuse Brightfield and Darkfield Illumination
  • Can Be Used Independently or Simultaneously
  • Fixed Intensity or Strobed Options

Advanced Illumination Standard Working Distance LED Ring Lights
  • 4" Working Distance
  • Provides 1.7" Coverage
  • Variable Intensity and Strobed Options

Adjustable LED Bar Lights
  • Direct Access to Optics for Quick, Manual Adjustment of Illumination Cone Angles
  • Included Interchangeable Windows Allows for Easy Adjustment of Light Diffusion
  • Easy to Integrate Linescan Accessory for Linear or Darkfield Lighting

Advanced Illumination EuroBrite™ Backlights
  • Daisy Chain up to Four 100 x 150mm Units
  • Requires No Heat Sink
  • Available in White, Red, and Blue

Advanced Illumination Coaxial LED Spot Light Illuminators
  • Compatible with 8mm In-Line Illumination Ports
  • Variable Intensity and Strobed Options
  • Multiple Versions Offered

Advanced Illumination LED Spot Lights
  • Ideal for Machine Vision Illumination
  • Provides 43mm Coverage at 100mm
  • 50,000 Hour Product Lifetime

Fiber Optic Replacement LED Spot Lights
  • Direct Replacement for ¼" (0.312") Fibers
  • 50,000 Hour Lifetime
  • Low Power Consumption

LED Heat Sinks and Power Sources
  • Accessories for High Intensity LED Lights
  • DC Current Controller Adjusts LED Intensity
  • LED Heat Sinks Recommended

Metaphase Technologies LED Linear Lights
  • Perfect Replacement for Linear Fluorescent Lamps
  • Very Diffuse, Isotropic Output
  • 3X the Brightness of Typical Fluorescent Illumination

SugarCUBE™ LED Illuminators
  • Direct Replacement for 150W Halogen Illuminators
  • 50% Power Savings Compared To Halogen Source
  • More than 60,000 Hour LED Lifetime
  • For Use with Fiber Optic Light Guides

Recertified Fiber Optic Illumination | View All

Fiber Optic Ring Light Guides
  • 360° Shadow-Free, Cool, Uniform Illumination
  • Accepts Polarizer Accessories
  • PVC-Covered Metal Sheathing
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • 70% Typical Illuminator Coupling Efficiency
  • Crimped Stainless Steel Terminations
  • Glass Fibers with Ground and Polished End-Faces

Dolan-Jenner DC-950H DC-Regulated Fiber Optic Illuminators
  • DC-Regulated Power Supply Less Than 0.5%
  • Low Output Power Ripple Less Than 0.4%
  • Remote Intensity Control from 0-5V DC Analog
  • 200 to 10,000 Hours Lamp Life

Dolan-Jenner MH-100 Metal Halide Fiber Optic Illuminator Model
  • Twice as Bright as 150W Quartz-Halogen Illuminators
  • Useful for a Variety of UV, VIS, NIR Applications
  • Removable Internal UV/IR Cut Filter
  • 5300K Color Temperature
  • Built-In External Filter Holder
  • Low Housing Temperature

Dolan-Jenner Fiber-Lite Mi-150, Mi-152, & Mi-157 Fiber Optic Illuminator
  • Intensity Control Via Adjustment Knob
  • Shadow-Free, Glare-Free Cold Illumination
  • Low Noise Level (25dB)
  • Lamp Life 1000 to 10,000 Hours (Depending on Intensity)
  • Internal IR Filter
  • Iris Option Available

Recertified Specialty Illumination | View All

Green Monochromatic Lamps
  • Ideal for Viewing Brewster’s Fringes and Newton’s Rings
  • Greater Visibility than Helium Type Lighting
  • Includes 110V US Plug Power Supply and Tilting Base (30° Tilt Forward)

Recertified Illumination Accessories | View All


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