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Filter Wheels

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Miniature Motorized Filter Wheels Miniature Motorized Filter Wheels
  • Manual or Automated Multi-Directional Control
  • Interchangeable Filter Retaining Wheels
  • Lightweight Design with Multiple Mounting Options
Motorized Filter Wheels Motorized Filter Wheels
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  • USB or RS-232 Interface
  • Bi-Directional Movement
  • C-Mount and T-Mount Adapters Available
Manual Cage Filter Wheel Manual Cage Filter Wheel
  • Cage and Tube System Compatible
  • Holds 25mm Filters
  • 6 Discrete Positions
Rotating Filter Wheels Rotating Filter Wheels
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  • Holds Six or Twelve Filters
  • Accepts 1" / 25mm or ½" / 12.5mm Diameters
  • 12 Index Positions for Precise Movement