Flat Dome Lights

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Effilux Flat Dome Lights Effilux Flat Dome Lights New
  • Dome Light Performance in a Flat Housing
  • Integrated Analog Controller for Precise Intensity and Dimming
  • Anti-Reflection System to Absorb Stray Light
  • Continuous or Strobe mode
CCS Flat Dome Lights CCS Flat Dome Lights New
  • Thin, Compact, and Lightweight Housing
  • Available in Multiple LED Colors
  • Wide Range of Sizes Including Square and Rectangular Shapes
CCS Coaxial Line Pattern Flat Lights CCS Coaxial Line Pattern Flat Lights New
  • Detect Imperfections on Reflective Surfaces
  • Line Pattern Projected Through Light Guiding Diffusion Plate
  • Multiple Wavelengths and Working Distances Available