Laser Optical Assemblies

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Variable Ultrafast Compressor and Stretcher Kit Variable Ultrafast Compressor and Stretcher Kit New
  • Negative Group Delay Dispersion as Low as -10,000fs2 with Minimal Third Order Dispersion
  • Positive Group Delay Dispersion as High as 4000 fs2 with Minimal Third Order Dispersion
  • Compatible with UV, VIS, and IR Ultrafast Lasers

Laser Optics

Laser Optical Assemblies are used for a range of laser applications, such as expanding, focusing, or shaping laser beams in industries such as life science, industrial, or test and measurement. Laser Optical Assemblies can consist of any optics assembly ideal for, or designed for use with, lasers or other Laser Optics. Many Laser Optical Assemblies can be used together to increase performance or adaptability to an application’s needs.

Edmund Optics offers a variety of Laser Optical Assemblies, including beam expanders, focusing objectives, beam shapers, or f-theta scanning lenses. Beam expanders are used to expand the beam diameter, increase collimation, or fill apertures. Focusing objectives are designed to minimize laser spot size in order to increase the overall beam intensity. Laser beam shapers are ideal for generating a uniform power distribution, ideal for material processing or laser-based illumination. Specialty lenses and prisms are also available for additional beam shaping or fiber coupling applications.