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Material Processing Lasers

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    Wavelength (nm)
    Output Power (mW)
    Type of Laser
    Beam Diameter (mm)
    Output Type
    Laser Class - CDRH
    Coherent&reg; Diamond C-Series CO<sub>2</sub> Lasers New
    Coherent® Diamond C-Series CO2 Lasers
    • Superior Beam Quality and Power Stability for Improved Process Quality
    • Fully Sealed Integrated Package with Built-in RF Power Supply
    • Wide Power Range with CW or Pulse Width Modulation Control
    Coherent® Diamond FLQ-Series Fiber Lasers New
    Coherent® Diamond FLQ-Series Fiber Lasers
    • Single Mode Beam Quality for Ultra-Fine Marking
    • High Peak Power up to 10kW
    • Repetition Rates Between 20-100kHz
    Self-Contained Argon-Ion Lasers Self-Contained Argon-Ion Lasers
    • Ultra-Compact Single Unit with Internal Power Supply
    • Lower Cost per mW of Power
    • Single and Multi-Line Models with Dual Channel Air-Cooled Design
    • Rear Mounted Power Output Control Knob
    355nm Solid State Lasers New
    355nm Solid State Lasers
    • Class IIIb High Power Lasers
    • 10mW Average Power
    • <2ns Pulse Duration
    • 355nm Frequency Converted Q-Switched 
    Class IV High Power Fiber-Coupled Laser Systems Class IV High Power Fiber-Coupled Laser Systems
    • Class IV High Power Compact, Turnkey Designs
    • Visible and Infrared Wavelengths
    • TEC and Forced Air Cooling
    • Low Power Fiber Coupled Laser Systems Also Available
    Fiber-Coupled Laser Systems Fiber-Coupled Laser Systems
    • Power Delivery By High Brightness Fiber
    • Visible and Infrared Wavelengths
    • Stand-Alone System
    • Compact, TEC with Forced Air Cooling

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