Edmund Optics Preferred Glass Types

Edmund Optics Preferred Glass Types

  • Over 65 optical glass types kept on hand at manufacturing sites
  • Reduces lead time of raw material and facilitates quick prototyping
  • Used for first articles, prototypes, and low volume orders
Edmund Optics Preferred Glass Type
Figure 1: Edmund Optics Abbe diagram with Coefficient of Thermal Expansion and Relative Partial Dispersion

Edmund Optics Global Manufacturing Glass Types Map

Edmund Optics® Global Manufacturing Glass Types
Materials Available Glass Code Equivalent Materials
FUSED SILICA 458678 - - JGS2

S-FSL5 and N-FK5


S-FPL51 and H-FK61 497816 S-FPL51 N-PK52A H-FK61
N-BK7, S-BSL7, and H-K9L 517642 S-BSL7 N-BK7 H-K9L
Soda Lime 520877 - - -
S-NSL5 522597 S-NSL5 N-K5 H-K50
N-KF9 523515 NSL51 - H-K51A
B270 523585 - B270 -
N-PK51 529770 - N-PK51 -
S-TIL6 532489 S-TIL6 - H-QF6
LLF1 548458 S-TIL1 LLF1 H-QF1
N-BAK4 569561 S-BAL14 N-BAK4 H-BaK47
LF5 581407 PBL25 LF5 QF50
S-BAL42 583594 S-BAL42 SK12 H-ZK2
N-SK5 589612 S-BAL35 N-SK5 H-ZK3
F5 603380 PBM5 F5 F1
N-SK2 607568 S-BSM2 N-SK2 H-ZK50
S-NBM51 613443 S-NBM51 - H-TF3L
N-SK4 613587 S-BSM4 N-SK4 H-ZK6
N-F2 618363 S-TIM2 N-F2 H-F4
S-PHM52 and
618634 S-PHM52 N-PSK53A H-ZPK1
N-SK16 620603 S-BSM16 N-SK16 H-ZK9A
H-ZK10L 623569 S-BSM10 N-SK10 H-ZK10L
N-SF2 648338 PBM22 SF2 ZF1
N-LAK22 651560 S-LAL54 N-LAK22 H-LaK10
H-LAK50A 652584 S-LAL7 N-LAK7 H-LaK50A
H-ZBAF3 657511 - - H-ZBAF3
N-BAF10 670473 S-BAH10 N-BAF10 H-ZBaF52
H-ZF2 673321 S-TIM25 N-SF5 H-ZF2
N-LAK12 and
678552 S-LAL12 N-LAK12 H-LaK5A
N-SF8 689311 S-TIM28 N-SF8 H-ZF10
N-LAK9 691548 S-LAL9 N-LAK9 H-LAK2
H-LAK51A 697555 S-LAL14 N-LAK14 H-LaK51A
N-SF15 699302 S-TIM35 N-SF15 H-ZF11
S-BAH27 702412 S-BAH27 - H-ZBaF20
N-LAK8 713539 S-LAL8 N-LAK8 H-LAK7
N-SF1 717295 S-TIH1 N-SF1 ZF3
H-ZF4 728283 S-TIH10 N-SF10 H-ZF4
H-LAK52 729547 S-LAL18 N-LAK34 H-LaK52
N-LAF2 744448 S-LAM2 N-LAF2 H-LAF3
S-LAM7 750352 S-LAM47 N-LAF7 H-LaF4
H-ZF6 755275 S-TIH4 N-SF4 H-ZF6
S-YGH51 755523 S-YGH51 N-LAK33A H-LaK53A
H-LAF50B 773496 S-LAH66 N-LAF34 H-LaF50B
S-TIH11 785257 S-TIH11 - H-ZF13
N-SF11 785258 PBH11 SF11 ZF13
N-LAF33 786442 S-LAH51 N-LAF33 -
N-LAF21 788474 S-LAH64 N-LAF21 H-LaF10L
N-LASF44 804465 S-LAH65 N-LASF44 H-ZLaF50B
H-ZLAF50D 804466 S-LAH65 N-LASF44 H-ZLAF50D
N-SF6 805254 S-TIH6



S-LAH53 806409 S-LAH53 N-LASF43 H-ZLaF52
S-NPH1 808228


- H-ZF71
H-ZLAF55A 835427 S-LAH55 N-LASF41 H-ZLaF55A
N-SF57, S-TIH53, and H-ZF52A 847238 S-TIH53 N-SF57 H-ZF52A
N-LASF9 850322 S-LAH71 N-LASF9 H-ZLaF71
S-LAH58 881408 S-LAH58 N-LASF31A H-ZLaF68
S-NPH2 and H-ZF72A 923189 S-NPH2 - H-ZF72A

*Not all grades of every glass type are kept on hand at manufacturing sites

Zemax Glass Catalogs

Full Edmund Optics Glass Shop offerings:

  • Recommended for first articles, prototypes, and low volume orders


CDGM equivalents Edmund Optics Glass Shop offerings:

  • Recommended for designs that will be made in both small and production volumes


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