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Focal Length FL (mm)
Maximum Sensor Format
Primary Magnification PMAG
Working Distance (mm)
    Auto Iris Lenses Auto Iris Lenses
    • DC Auto Iris
    • Lockable, Manual Focus
    • Compact Size
    • Designed for CS-Mount Cameras
    Close Focus Zoom Lenses Close Focus Zoom Lenses
    • Large Zoom
    • Close Focus Capability
    • Broad Field of View Range
    Dynamic Focus VZM™ Lens Dynamic Focus VZM™ Lens
    • Electronically Adjust Focus with Integrated Liquid Lens
    • Allows Magnification Adjustment without changing Working Distance
    • Overcomes Depth of Field Limitations
    EO Precision Zoom Lenses EO Precision Zoom Lenses
    • Robust Housing with Incremental Zoom Control
    • Coaxial In-Line Illumination Option with ¼” Fiber Port
    • High Resolution Optical Design
    High Resolution Macro Zoom Lenses High Resolution Macro Zoom Lenses
    • Full Zoom, Focus and Iris Control Options
    • Up to 100 lp/mm Resolution
    • Working Distances from 300mm - ∞
    Megapixel Varifocal Lenses Megapixel Varifocal Lenses
    • Low Distortion and Day/Night Options
    • Focal Lengths from 4.4mm - 90mm
    • C-Mount Versions
    InfiniProbe™ Microscopes InfiniProbe™ Microscopes
    • Available in Standard and Right Angle Versions
    • Focuses From Infinity to 32, 28, and 18mm Respectively
    • Max. Sensor Format 2/3"
    • Magnification From 2.5X to 8.0X
    • Direct Video C-Mount Coupling
    Infiniprobe™ UV Microscopes Infiniprobe™ UV Microscopes
    • Available in Standard and Right Angle Versions
    • Magnification Range from 0X to 8.0X
    • Max. 2/3" Sensor Format
    • Direct Video C-Mount Coupling
    • No Adapters Required
    Infinity K2/DistaMax™ Long Distance Video Microscopes Infinity K2/DistaMax™ Long Distance Video Microscopes
    • Multiple Configurations for Video/Photo/Visual Applications
    • 3X Greater Magnification than Other Coaxial In-line Systems
    • Highest Possible Long-Distance Resolution
    • Focus from Infinity to 55mm
    • Supplementary Focuser Available for CentriTel™ Capabilities
    Macro Zoom Lens Macro Zoom Lens
    • 3.3:1 Zoom Ratio
    • Compact Design
    • Lockable Manual Zoom, Focus, and Aperture Control
    Manual Zoom Imaging Lenses Manual Zoom Imaging Lenses
    • Manual Zoom, Focus and Iris Control
    • Features Locking Set Screws
    • C-Mount
    Varifocal Imaging Lenses Varifocal Imaging Lenses
    • Large Field of View
    • C and CS-Mount Lenses
    VZM™ Zoom Imaging Lenses VZM™ Zoom Imaging Lenses
    • Designed to Accomodate up to 2/3" Sensor Size Formats
    • Dependable, Versatile Performance in Compact Designs
    • Analog and Digital Imaging Systems Available
    12.5X Precision Zoom Lens 12.5X Precision Zoom Lens
    • Compatible with Nikon and Mitutoyo Objectives
    • High Resolution (FOV range from 0.24 to 45.3mm)
    • Optional Reticle Projection Attachment
    16X Precision Zoom Lens 16X Precision Zoom Lens
    • 16:1 Zoom Ratio
    • High Resolution and Depth of Field
    • Adjustable Iris
    • Compatible with Mitutoyo Objectives
    7X and 12.5X High Precision Zoom Lenses 7X and 12.5X High Precision Zoom Lenses
    • Can Achieve Wide Range of Magnifications
    • Standard Swappable Components Provide Maximum Flexibility
    • Motorized and Inline Options are Available
    7X Precision Zoom Lenses 7X Precision Zoom Lenses
    • New Motorized Versions Available
    • Compatible with Mitutoyo Objectives
    • 7:1 Zoom Ratio

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    Zoom Lenses are used to provide adjustable image magnification for a number of imaging applications such as microscopy or inspection. Zoom Lenses are imaging lenses designed to be integrated into imaging systems. Zoom Lenses may be offered with manual or motor controlled magnification capabilities that can be adapted to multiple imaging requirements. Zoom Lenses also refocus as magnification is changed to provide easy, constant functionality across many different imaging requirements.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Zoom Lenses suited for many imaging needs. Zoom Lenses allow a camera or other imaging system to be easily setup without the need for lengthy or complex refocusing or recalibration. Zoom Lenses are ideal choices for most applications that require multiple magnifications or for those that prohibit continual manual refocusing. Zoom Lenses are also available as microscopes or for microscope objective integration, ideal for inspection or life science applications. Imaging systems are also available to ease component slection.

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