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    Wavelength (nm)
    Output Power (mW)
    Type of Laser
    Beam Diameter (mm)

    Laser Sources

    Laser Sources differ from traditional illumination sources because they produce coherent light. The illumination spectrum is often narrow band with line widths as narrow as tens of megahertz and divergence as low as fractions of milliradians. Lasers are either utilized in free space, steered with traditional optics, or the source is coupled into a fiber. In a fiber coupled orientation, the emitting fiber tip is mounted at the location of beam delivery, reducing the need for steering optics. When a laser is fiber coupled, a cone of light is produced instead of a collimated beam.

    Edmund Optics offers lasers with a range of gain mediums including semiconductor, optically pumped semiconductor, solid state, and gas. The semiconductor offering supports applications from general alignment to sophisticated machine vision with the ability to produce uniform non-Gaussian lines. Optically pumped semiconductor lasers are ideal for life science and microscopy applications demanding the highest beam quality, power, and wavelength stability, along with predictable M2 values. Gas lasers are available in common gain mediums including HeNe, Argon Ion, and CO2. HeNe lasers offer superior coherence length making them ideal for metrology and interferometry applications. Argon Ion lasers are often used in life science applications because of their unique, lower wavelength, spectral lines. CO2 lasers feature high powers with options as high as 40W making them perfectly suited for marking and engraving. Edmund Optics also offers components required for beam combining applications.

    Coherent® High Performance OBIS™ LX/LS Laser Systems

    Coherent® High Performance OBIS™ LX/LS Fiber-Pigtailed Laser Systems
    • High Performance OBIS™ LX/LS Lasers with Added Fiber Optic Capability
    • Permanent Fiber Attachment Extends Lifetime with Guaranteed Power
    • Single-Mode Polarization-Maintaining Fiber with an FC/APC Connector Provide High-Quality and Low-Noise Laser Beam Output
    • Coherent® High Performance OBIS™ LX/LS Laser Systems Also Available

    Coherent® Visible Laser Diode Modules
    • Robust, High Quality Laser Diodes with Small Form Factor
    • 635nm and 670nm High Visibility Wavelengths
    • Sophisticated Electronic Design for Consistent Beam Properties

    Coherent® Diamond FLQ-Series Fiber Lasers
    • Single Mode Beam Quality for Ultra-Fine Marking
    • High Peak Power up to 10kW
    • Repetition Rates Between 20-100kHz

    355nm Solid State Lasers
    • Class IV High Power Lasers
    • 10mW Average Power
    • <2ns Pulse Duration
    • 355nm Frequency Converted Q-Switched 

    Lumentum High Performance Helium-Neon Lasers
    • Power Options from 0.5 - 22.5mW
    • Improved Stability
    • Ideal for Interferometry and Metrology Applications
    • Random or Linear Polarization Options

    Coherent® High Performance StingRay™ Laser Diode Modules
    • External Focus with up to 90mW Output Power
    • Auto Scaling Input Power 5 - 24V DC with Reverse Polarity Protection
    • Built-In Microcontroller for Fault Monitor
    • Coherent® StingRay™ Developer's Kit also available

    DPSS Pointing Lasers
    • TTL Modulation up to 10kHz
    • Transverse Mode TEM00
    • 532nm and 1064nm Wavelengths

    Red and IR Alignment Laser Diodes
    • Focus Adjustable
    • TTL Modulation up to 10kHz
    • 635nm, 780nm, and 850nm Wavelength Options

    Violet Alignment Laser Diodes
    • TTL Modulation up to 10kHz
    • Circular Beam Profile
    • Focus Adjustable

    Z-Laser Focusable Diode Modules
    • IP67 Environmentally Sealed with Simple Thread Mount
    • Focusable with up to 100mW of Output Power
    • 5 - 30V DC with Reverse Polarity and Surge Protection

    Z-Laser S3 Focusable Diode Modules
    • IP67 Environmentally Sealed with Simple Thread Mount
    • Focusable with up to 100mW of Output Power
    • 5 - 30V DC with Reverse Polarity and Surge Protection

    Z-Laser Violet and Blue Focusable Diode Modules
    • IP67 Environmentally Sealed with Simple Thread Mount
    • Focusable Output Beam
    • Up to 80mW of Output Power
    • Up to 1MHz Modulation Frequency

    Z-Laser Green Focusable Diode Modules
    • IP67 Environmentally Sealed with Simple Thread Mount
    • Electrically Isolated Housing
    • Focusable with Gaussian and Uniform Line Options
    • 5-30V DC Operation with Reverse Polarity Protection

    Coherent® BioRay™ Lasers
    • External Focus Mechanism to Optimize Beam for Application
    • Built-in Microcontroller with RS232 Communication Interface
    • External Analog Modulation with Output Power Control

    632.8nm Frequency Stabilized Laser Diodes
    • Single Longitudinal Mode (SLM) Performance
    • ±0.002nm Wavelength Stability
    • Very Low Power Consumption

    Coherent® StingRay™ Developer's Kit
    • Includes 660 and 520nm StingRay™ Lasers
    • Ideal for Experimentation and Prototyping
    • Enables Quick Evaluation of Structured Light Laser System
    • Individual StingRay™ Laser Diodes Available

    Coherent® Diamond C-Series CO2 Lasers
    • Superior Beam Quality and Power Stability for Improved Process Quality
    • Fully Sealed Integrated Package with Built-in RF Power Supply
    • Wide Power Range with CW or Pulse Width Modulation Control

    Class IV High Power Fiber-Coupled Laser Systems
    • Class IV High Power Compact, Turnkey Designs
    • Visible and Infrared Wavelengths
    • TEC and Forced Air Cooling
    • Low Power Fiber Coupled Laser Systems Also Available

    Coherent® OBIS™ Galaxy Laser System
    • The Modular, Flexible, Plug and Play Design Allows Combinations of Multiple Lasers into a Single Fiber
    •  Includes 3 OBIS Lasers (405nm, 488nm, and 640nm), the Combiner, and an Expandable Laser Box Capable of Housing up to 5 OBIS lasers
    • Ideal for Life Sciences Applications Such as Optogenetics, Endoscopy, Cytometry, and Genomics

    Compact LDM Focusable Laser Diode Modules
    • Circular and Elliptical Beam Options
    • Bare Leads for Instrument Integration
    • Focusable from 20mm to Infinity

    Coherent® High Performance Diode Laser Systems
    • CW and Pulsed Up to 150 MHz
    • GUI Software Interface
    • Analog Modulation and Variable Power Control
    • USB and RS-232 Control
    • Available with Permanent Fiber Attachment & Polarization Maintaining Single Mode Fiber

    Fixed Focus Green Laser Modules
    • Modulatable up to 10kHz
    • Compact Size with Integrated Single Unit Design
    • High Brightness with up to 15mW of Output Power

    Focusable Alignment Laser Diode Modules
    • Integrated Systems with Drive Electronics and Optical Element
    • Adjustable Focus or Line Generator Versions Available
    • Regulated Output Power
    • Standard 3 Pin Design

    Fiber-Coupled Laser Systems
    • Power Delivery By High Brightness Fiber
    • Visible and Infrared Wavelengths
    • Stand-Alone System
    • Compact, TEC with Forced Air Cooling

    Lumentum Helium-Neon Lasers
    • Low Noise
    • Self-Contained Power Supply
    • Small Size

    Focusable Collimators
    • Can Be Coupled to Standard 0.22 NA Fiber Optic Cables
    • Two Coatings Available for UV-VIS or VIS-NIR
    • Multiple Focal Length or Aperture Options

    Focusable Laser Diode Modules
    • Stabilized Optical Output Power
    • Interchangeable Projection Heads
    • Available with Elliptical Beam or Circular Beam with Modulation Option

    Self-Contained Argon-Ion Lasers
    • Ultra-Compact Single Unit with Internal Power Supply
    • Lower Cost per mW of Power
    • Single and Multi-Line Models with Dual Channel Air-Cooled Design
    • Rear Mounted Power Output Control Knob

    Low Cost Turnkey Lasers
    • Multiple Colors and Wavelengths Available
    • Ideal for Microscopy Applications
    • TE Cooled

    Laboratory Laser Diode Modules
    • Visible and Near IR Models
    • Focusable from 20mm to Infinity

    Lowest Price Laser Pointer
    • 650nm Wavelength
    • Handheld
    • Battery Powered

    Micro LDM Laser Diode Modules
    • 7mm Housing Diameter
    • Focusable
    • Low Voltage DC Operation
    • Reverse Polarity Protection

    Miniature LDM Focusable Laser Diode Modules
    • Line Generation Optics Available
    • Bare Leads for Instrument Integration
    • Focusable from 35mm to Infinity

    Our Best Buy Laser Pointer
    • Point Visible Up to 1500 Ft.
    • Good Beam Quality

    Premier Laser Diode Modules
    • Stable Output
    • True On/Off Pulsed Control
    • Linear Amplitude or Time Modulation
    • Low Power Consumption
    • EMC/ESD Shielded
    • Focusable

    Ultra-Bright Green Laser Pointer
    • Visible up to 6,000 Feet
    • Economically Priced

    VLM™2 Focusable Line Generators
    • Bright 635nm Beam, 1.1mW and 1.4mW Models
    • Non-Rotating Optics
    • Non-Intrusive Built-in Focusing Mechanism
    • Recommended Power Supply: #59-099


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