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    Minimum Aperture (mm)
    Maximum Aperture (mm)
    Outer Diameter (mm)
    Fixed Aperture Diameter (μm)
    Slit Length (mm)
    Slit Width (μm)

    Irises and Apertures

    Apertures are used to limit the amount of light that is exposed to imaging sensors or photodetectors for a range of laser or imaging applications. Apertures are optical components comprised of irises, pinholes, or slits designed to block certain portions of a light source from reaching photodetectors in order to prevent oversaturation or damage. Apertures may be controlled by expanding or contracting the diameter or width of the opening to fit multiple applications or environments, making Apertures versatile light blocking choices.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Apertures suited for many imaging needs. Some Apertures may be mounted directly in front of an imaging sensor to provide greater levels of effectiveness or increased mobility. Some Apertures are offered in motorized or manual controls for multiple customization or usability options. A selection of replacement pinholes or slits is also available for either providing additional aperture diameters or for replacement needs.

    Iris Diaphragms | View All

    TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More

    High Performance Motorizable Irises
    • Fast Accurate Repeatable Motion
    • Dual Control Gear and Lever Mechanics
    • Removable Pin for OEM Integration

    High Performance Standard Series Iris Diaphragms
    • Corrosion Resistant Housing
    • High Heat Resistance
    • AR Spring Steel or Burnished Spring Steel Leaf Options Available

    High Performance Zero Aperture Series Iris Diaphragms
    • Iris Completely Closes
    • Corrosion Resistant Housing
    • High Heat Resistance
    • Burnished Spring Steel and Stainless Spring Steel Leaf Options Available

    Iris Diaphragm with Filter Holder and Post
    • 1-30mm Lever Adjustable Aperture
    • Filter Holder on Face for 33mm Dia. x 2mm Thick Components
    • Includes Ring Mount and Stainless Steel Post

    Pinholes and Slits | View All


    Acktar Blackened Pinholes
    • Low Reflectance from the EUV to SWIR
    • 99% Absorbance Blackening Coating
    • Aperture Sizes from 50 to 1000μm
    • Available Unmounted and Mounted

    Acktar Blackened Air Slits
    • Wide-Band Low Reflectance Coating
    • 99% Absorbance from the EUV to SWIR
    • Slit Sizes Down to 25μm x 3mm
    • Unmounted and Mounted Versions Available

    Precision Air Slits
    • New Mounted Version Provides Secure Mechanical Support
    • Used in Optical Systems and Educational Efforts
    • Ideal for Spectrophotometer Image Analysis

    Precision Pinholes
    • Available in Aperture Mounts for a Secure Mechanical Support
    • Pinhole Sized Ranging from 1 to 1,000 Microns

    Iris and Aperture Mounts | View All

    Iris Diaphragm Mounts
    • Multiple Iris Diameter Options Available
    • Durable Anodized Aluminum Construction
    • Set Screw Included

    Precision Pinhole Mount

    Shutters | View All

    C-Mount Motorized Shutter
    • Compact Size with 60mm Outer Diameter
    • Simple On/Off Operation with TTL Input
    • Male and Female C-Threading for Easy Configuration

    T-Mount Motorized Shutters
    • Compact Size with 69mm Outer Diameter, 30mm Aperture Size
    • Simple On/Off Operation with TTL Input
    • Male and Female T-Threading for Easy Configuration

    Motorized Shutters
    • Microprocessor-Controlled Motion Profile
    • USB, RS-232, TTL or Manual Control
    • Rated for Millions of Cycles of Actuation
    • 25 and 35mm Aperture Shutters Available


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