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Linear Polarizers

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Absorptive (Dichroic) Polarizers Absorptive (Dichroic) Polarizers
  • Polarize Light through Absorption
Wire Grid (Reflective) Polarizers Wire Grid (Reflective) Polarizers
  • Polarize Light through Reflection
Crystalline Polarizers Crystalline Polarizers
  • Crystalline Designs with High Extinction Ratios
TECHSPEC® Ultrafast Thin Film Polarizers Thin Film Polarizers
  • Thin Film Dielectric Coatings for Laser Applications
Brewster Windows Brewster Windows
  • Polarize Light at Brewster’s Angle
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Linear Polarizers are Polarizers designed to linearly polarize incoming light. Passing white light through a Linear Polarizer blocks half of the incident light, causing the electric field component to displace so that it oscillates in only one plane with respect to the direction of propagation. Linear Polarizers are ideal for a range of industrial, imaging, or laboratory applications. Crossing Linear Polarizers drastically decreases transmission, ideal for reducing glare or stress testing.

Edmund Optics offers a wide selection of glass, plastic, or film Linear Polarizers for applications in the Visible or Infrared (IR) spectrum. Edmund Optics’ Linear Polarizers are offered in a variety of dimensions. Glass polarizers offer increased durability, while plastic or film Linear Polarizers are cost-effective alternatives. Film Linear Polarizers are available in sheets to be easily cut to fit an application’s needs. Laminated film increases the film’s rigidity, easing handling or system integration. NIR Linear Polarizers are also used in telecommunication devices.