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Distortion Test Targets

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Concentric Square Target Concentric Square Target
  • For Calibration of Measurement Software
  • NIST Traceable Certificate of Accuracy Included
  • 1mm to 50mm Squares
Checkerboard Calibration Targets Checkerboard Calibration Targets
  • Chrome Pattern on Dimensionally Stable Substrates (Opal and Glass)
  • Optimized for Reflective Illumination Calibration of Imaging Systems
  • Various Sizes for Small or Large Field of Views
Diffuse Reflectance Grid Distortion Targets Diffuse Reflectance Grid Distortion Targets
  • Diffuse Reflectance Treatment Mimics Ceramic Targets
  • Chrome Pattern on Substrate
  • No Glare with On or Off Axis Lighting
  • Perfect for Front Illuminated Measuring
Fixed Frequency Grid Distortion Targets Fixed Frequency Grid Distortion Targets
  • For Distortion Measurement and Calibration of Imaging Systems
  • Chrome on Soda Lime Glass or Chrome on White Ivory Glass Versions
  • NIST Certificate of Accuracy Included
Line Grid Target Line Grid Target
  • Test and Correction of Distortion in Vision Systems
  • Calibration of Perspective Error in Microscope Stages
  • Measure Physical Field of View
USAF 1951 and Dot Grid Target USAF 1951 and Dot Grid Target
  • USAF 1951 Elements 0 to 3 (14 lp/mm)
  • Fixed Frequency Grid on 2mm Centers
  • 2” x 2.75”

Distortion Test Targets are used to measure the level of image distortion within an imaging system for a wide variety of imaging applications. Distortion Test Targets are optical tools that are inserted into an imaging or optical system for measurement, analysis, or calibration. Distortion Test Targets are viewed through an imaging lens in order to identify the distortion error inherent within the lens. Distortion Test Targets feature a selection of precise shapes, lines, or dots that an imaging system focuses on to determine the accuracy of a system.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Distortion Test Targets in a variety of patterns that are suited for many image measurement needs. Distortion Test Targets offer the benefit of increased functionality as well as longer lifespan by allowing imaging systems to be repeatedly measured for continued accuracy over multiple uses. Many Distortion Test Targets are available on opal or chrome for different compatibility needs.