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    Tube System

    The Tube System remains one of the most versatile systems available for optical components today. The Tube System is used to create systems ranging from independent subassemblies to prototyping, while enabling advanced, active alignment between components. The lens mounts enable the user to change between lens components rapidly and therefore provide flexibility when designing an optical assembly. The Tube System is advantageous due to the variety of fixed, self-centering, and adjustable mounting options, isolation from undesirable environmental stray light, and simple integration from design to production. The Tube System facilitates customizable and modular systems unique to any applications requirements.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Tube System products, including the most popular industry standard threaded tube sizes. Our S-Mount Components, C-Mount Components, and T-Mount Components all offer an assortment of lens mounts, spacer rings, extension tubes, and more that are designed to integrate into your applications optical system.

    Multi-Element Tube System | View All


    Multi-Element Outer Tubes
    • Continuous M29 x 0.75 Internal Threading for Easy Lens Spacing
    • Prevent Unwanted External and Stray Light from Entering the System
    • Available in Multiple Lengths for Compact Systems

    Multi-Element Inner Single Optic Mounts
    • Mounts for a Variety of Optical Component Diameters and Thicknesses
    • M29 Outer Diameter Threads Allow Easy Positioning Within Outer Tubes
    • One Retainer Ring and One Delrin Ring are Included

    Multi-Element Inner Pair Optic Mounts
    • Facilitate Imaging System Construction
    • Combine Lenses to Create Specific Magnifications for a Wide Wavelength Range
    • Use Multi-Element Tubes and Accessories to Create Complete Imaging Systems

    Multi-Element Spacer Rings and Spacer Tubes
    • Thicknesses Ranging from 0.1mm to 60mm
    • Combine Parts of Different Thickness to Create Optimal Spacing
    • Dull Black Finish to Reduce Stray Light

    Multi-Element Inner Apertures

    Multi-Element Tube System Accessories
    • Joint Rings Enable Compatibility with C-Mount and Cage Systems
    • Retaining Ring Set Fixes Optics into Place for Harsh Environments
    • Hollow Spanner Wrench Provides Fine Spacing Adjustment While Allowing Beam to Pass Through

    C, S, and T-Mount Components | View All


    C, S, and T-Mount Circular Optic Mounts
    • Mounts for Simple Lenses, Achromats, Filters, or Reticles
    • Designed to Integrate with Any C, S, or T-Mount Components
    • Optic is Held in Place with Included Retaining Ring

    C, S, and T-Mount Extensions Tubes
    • Used for Adding a Fixed Tube Extension to Optical Systems
    • Feature Male/Female Threads at Opposite Ends
    • Black Anodized Aluminum Construction

    Acktar Hexa-Blackā„¢ C-Mount Noise Reduction Extension Tubes
    • Acktar Hexa-Black™ Light Absorbing Technology
    • Reduce Stray Light and Noise in Imaging Systems
    • Near Zero Specular Reflectance at Grazing Angles
    • Stray Light Rejection Ratio up to 8 x 10-7

    C, S, and T-Mount Brass Spacer Rings

    • Fit Over Male C, S, and T-Mount Threads
    • Wide Range of Thicknesses Available for Accurate Spacing
    • Spacer Ring Kits Available

    C, S, and T-Mount Thread Adapters
    • Adapt All Available Tube System Thread Types to One Another
    • Low Profile Design to Minimize Extension Length
    • Black Anodized Aluminum Construction

    C, S, and T-Mount Ring Mounts
    • Allow for Post Mounting C, S, and T-Mount Tube System Assemblies
    • ¼-20 or M6 Tapped Mounting Options
    • Black Anodized Aluminum Construction

    C, S, and T-Mount Fine Thread Focus Tubes
    • Finely Threaded Internal Barrel for Fine Focus Adjustments
    • Inner Diameter Baffle Thread for Stray Light Reduction
    • Knurled Lip on Female End for Controlled Adjustments

    C, S, and T-Mount Double Thread Rings
    • Maximize C, S, and T-Mount Tube Connection Compatibilities
    • Female or Male Thread Options
    • Rotating Rings Also Available

    C, S, and T-Mount Cube and Plate Mounts
    • C, S, and T-Mount Solutions for Mounting Cube and Plate Beamsplitters, Filters, and Mirrors
    • Provides a 90° Mounting Interface
    • ¼ -20 and M6 Tapped Mounting Threads for English or Metric Based Systems

    C, S, and T-Mount Polarizer Holders
    • Integrate Polarizers into C, S, or T-Mount System
    • Provide Polarizer Rotation Up to 90° within Holder
    • Designed to Hold 12.5, 20, 25, or 50mm Diameter Polarizers

    C, S, and T-Mount Kinematic Mounts
    • Designed to Hold C, T, and S-Mount Components
    • Horizontal Mounting Adapters Available
    • Removable Turning Knobs for Hex Key Access

    C, S, and T-Mount Iris Diaphragm Mounts
    • Variable Apertures for C, S, and T-Mount Systems
    • Male and Female Thread at Opposite Ends for Easy Integration
    • Adjusted via Rotating Ring or Lever for Precision Control

    T-Mount Motorized Shutters
    • Compact Size with 69mm Outer Diameter, 30mm Aperture Size
    • Simple On/Off Operation with TTL Input
    • Male and Female T-Threading for Easy Configuration

    C and S-Mount Fiber Adapters
    • C and S-Mount Threading
    • Low Profile Designs for Minimal System Intrusion
    • Available for SMA, FC, FC/APC, or ST Fiber Connectors

    C and S-Mount Diode Mounts
    • C and S-Mount Thread for Easy Integration
    • Low Profile Designs for Minimal System Intrusion
    • Accepts Common Laser Diodes or Photodiodes

    C and T-Mount to Objective Adapters
    • Integrate Microscope Objectives to Create Digital Microscope Systems
    • Feature Male C and T-Mount Thread and Female Objective Thread
    • Black Anodized Aluminum Construction

    C and T-Mount Eyepiece Mounts
    • Integrate Microscope Eyepieces into C and T-Mount Systems
    • Feature Male C and T-Mount Thread and Female Objective Thread
    • Black Anodized Aluminum Construction

    C and T-Mount Component Kits
    • C and T-Mount Components Ideal for System and Prototype Design
    • Allow for Integration into Tube and Benchtop Systems
    • Includes Compact Wooden Case for Ease of Storage and Organization

    Achromat Prototyping System
    • Imaging Lens System for Prototyping
    • Ideal for Identifying Desired Magnification and f/#
    • Compatible with Helicoid Barrel for Use With C-Mount Cameras

    C-Mount Helicoid Barrels
    • Compatible With 12.5mm, 15mm, and 25mm Diameter Optics
    • Male and Female C-Mount Threads
    • Provides Linear Travel Without Rotating Optical Components

    C-Mount Filter/Polarizer Holder
    • Optic Cells Can Mount Square or Circular Optics
    • Complete Holder Requires One Housing and One Optic Cell
    • Available with M6 or ¼-20 Tapped Holes for Post Mounting

    ID Tube System | View All


    ID Lens Tubes
    • Enables Mounting for 25/25.4mm and 12.5/12.7mm Optics
    • Ideal for Optical System Creation and Integration
    • Continuous Barrel Thread for Mounting Multiple Components

    ID Brass Spacer Rings
    • Blackened Brass Construction
    • Ensure Precise Spacing Between Components
    • Thicknesses from 0.25mm to 50mm Available

    ID Fine Focus Tubes
    • Ideal for Variable Spacing Along the Optical Axis
    • Anti-Reflection Processing for Reduced Stray Light
    • Built-in Set Screw


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