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Modular Zoom Lenses

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    12.5X Precision Zoom Lens 12.5X Precision Zoom Lens
    • Compatible with Nikon and Mitutoyo Objectives
    • High Resolution (FOV range from 0.24 to 45.3mm)
    • Optional Reticle Projection Attachment
    16X Precision Zoom Lens 16X Precision Zoom Lens
    • 16:1 Zoom Ratio
    • High Resolution and Depth of Field
    • Adjustable Iris
    • Compatible with Mitutoyo Objectives
    7X and 12.5X High Precision Zoom Lenses 7X and 12.5X High Precision Zoom Lenses
    • Can Achieve Wide Range of Magnifications
    • Standard Swappable Components Provide Maximum Flexibility
    • Motorized and Inline Options are Available
    7X Precision Zoom Lenses 7X Precision Zoom Lenses
    • New Motorized Versions Available
    • Compatible with Mitutoyo Objectives
    • 7:1 Zoom Ratio

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