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Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE)

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HOLO/OR Diffractive Beam Shapers New
HOLO/OR Diffractive Beam Shapers
  • Shape Gaussian Beams to Top-Hat Profile
  • Square Output Shape with Uniform Intensity
  • Designs for 532nm Nd:YAG Lasers
  • Compatible with Single Mode Beams
HOLO/OR Diffractive Vortex Phase Plates New
HOLO/OR Diffractive Vortex Phase Plates
  • Convert Gaussian Beams to Donut-Shaped Energy Rings
  • Vortex Phase Plates for 532nm and 1030nm Lasers Available
  • Compatible with Collimated Single Mode Gaussian Input Beams
HOLO/OR Diffractive Diffusers New
HOLO/OR Diffractive Diffusers
  • Shape Laser Beams with Homogenized Distribution
  • Circular or Square Output Shapes
  • Designs for 532nm and 1064nm Nd:YAG Lasers
  • Compatible with Single Mode or Multimode Beams
HOLO/OR Diffractive Beamsplitters New
HOLO/OR Diffractive Beamsplitters
  • Split Input Beam into Several Diffraction Orders
  • 1 Dimension Array or 2 Dimension Matrix Outputs
  • Designs for Nd:YAG and CO2 Lasers
  • Compatible with Single Mode or Multimode Lasers
HOLO/OR Diffractive Axicons New
HOLO/OR Diffractive Axicons
  • Transform Input Beam into a Bessel-like Beam
  • Thinner Design than Refractive Axicons
  • Designed for 1064nm Nd:YAG Lasers
  • Compatible with Single Mode or Multimode Beams
HOLO/OR Diffractive Beam Sampler New
HOLO/OR Diffractive Beam Sampler
  • Produces Two Higher Order Beams for Beam Monitoring
  • Insensitive to X-Y-Z Displacement
  • Compatible with Single Mode or Multimode Beams

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Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) are manufactured to have microstructure patterns that alter and control the phase of transmitted laser light. By altering the microstructures, it is possible for a diffractive optical element to produce almost any beam intensity profile or beam shape to meet application requirements. These optical elements are manufactured from various substrates, including plastic, fused silica, germanium, sapphire, and zinc selenide (ZnSe), enabling their use with UV, visible, and infrared (IR) lasers. Diffractive Optical Elements are generally designed for a specific laser wavelength and their performance is wavelength dependent.

Edmund Optics offers a variety of Diffractive Optical Elements, including Diffractive Diffusers, Diffractive Beamsplitters, Diffractive Beam Samplers, Diffractive Beam Shapers, Diffractive Axicons, and Diffractive Vortex Phase Plates. These Diffractive Optical Elements are used in a variety of applications, including material processing, medical and aesthetic treatments, and semiconductor wafer inspection.

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