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Infinity Photo-Optical

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InfiniFlex™ HD Compact Lenses InfiniFlex™ HD Compact Lenses
  • Multiple Options Available by Combining Main Bodies and Amplifiers
  • High Light Throughput and Resolution with 0.13 NA
  • Standardized 20mm Working Distance
InfiniStix™ Imaging Lenses InfiniStix™ Imaging Lenses
  • Fixed Magnification Lenses Available with a Variety of Working Distance Options
  • Primary Magnifications Range From 8X (with DL Doubler) to 0.45X
  • Use DL Doubler Tube to Give Twice the Stated Magnification
InfiniTube™ FM Systems InfiniTube™ FM Systems
  • Direct to Video C-Mount for 2/3" and Smaller Sensor Cameras
  • Internal Focusing
InfiniTube™ Standard Systems InfiniTube™ Standard Systems
Infinity Achrovid™ Microscope Objectives Infinity Achrovid™ Microscope Objectives
  • Video-dedicated Microscope Objectives
  • 17.3mm and 37mm Working Distance Options
  • Designed for Use in Conjunction with Other Infinity Products
InFocus™ Dynamic Optical Focusing Systems InFocus™ Dynamic Optical Focusing Systems
  • Enable Dynamic Optical Focusing and Reduce Spherical Aberration
  • Compatible With All Infinity Corrected Objectives
  • Color Matched for Major Brand Objectives

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