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Acktar Light Absorbent Foil and Film Acktar Light Absorbent Foil and Film
Top Seller
  • Diffusive, Lambertian, or Specular Reflectance
  • Extremely Wide Band Performance from the UV to IR
  • Standard, Low Outgassing, and No Adhesive Options
  • Larger Rolls Also Available
Edmund Lens Cleaner Edmund Lens Cleaner
Top Seller
  • Used in Edmund Optics Manfacturing Facilities
  • Safe for Glass and Plastic Optics
  • Available Individually and by the Case
Dispenser Barrels and Accessories Dispenser Barrels and Accessories New
Anti-Static Canned-Air Ionizer Anti-Static Canned-Air Ionizer Clearance
  • Boosts Performance of Canned Air Dusters
  • Eliminates Static Electrical Charge on Lenses
  • Snaps Onto Compressed Air Cans
  • Requires One AA Battery to Operate