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Laser and Fiber Optic Mounts

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    Type of Optics
    Size of Compatible Optics (mm)
    Compatible Post
    1" Optical Axis Height
    Metric Laser Holders Metric Laser Holders
    • Twin Ring Mount Design
    • Fixed and Adjustable Versions
    • Ideal for He-Ne Lasers
    • Posts and Post Holders Required for Mounting
    V-Block Base V-Block Base
    • Adjustable Height Bar Clamp Included with #03-665
    • Ideal for Mounting Laser Tubes and Large Optical Elements
    • ¼-20 Tap Hole Allows Mounting to 0.50" Diameter Post
    Laser Diode Mounts Laser Diode Mounts
    • Compatible with a Variety of Laser Diode Modules
    • Multiple Mount Configurations
    • Compatible Diameters from 9.5-16mm
    Fiber Optic Alignment Mounts Fiber Optic Alignment Mounts
    • FC Fiber Connection
    • Two Axis Linear Movement for Precise Fiber Alignment
    • Optional Kinematic Tilt Version
    • Posts and Post Holders Required for Mounting
    Metric Spatial Filters Metric Spatial Filters
    • X-Y Micrometer Translation
    • Gimbal Tilt Control for Fiber Alignment
    • Z-Axis Translation for Objective Mount
    Spatial Filter Movement Spatial Filter Movement
    • X-Y Adjustable
    • Pre-Mounted on a Gimbal Tilt-Table
    • Open-Style Design
    Metric Beam Dump Metric Beam Dump
    • Absorbs Unwanted or Unused Laser Beams
    • 10mm Entrance Aperture
    • Posts and Post Holders Required for Mounting

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