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Spectroscopy Lighting

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Spectrolight Mighty Light Illuminators New
Spectrolight Mighty Light Illuminators
  • White Light Source with up to 2 Watts of Output Power
  • Compact 124.0 x 72.6 x 67.8mm Size
  • Accessories for Coupling or Wavelength Tuning Available
Broadband Fiber-Coupled Light Sources Broadband Fiber-Coupled Light Sources
  • Designed for Use with Spectrometers
  • Lamps Available for UV to NIR
  • Xenon, Tungsten, or Deuterium Sources
Energetiq Fiber Coupled Laser-Driven Light Source New
Energetiq Fiber Coupled Laser-Driven Light Source
  • Ultra High Brightness with Broadband Spectral Output from 190 - 2500nm
  • Long Bulb Lifetime of >10,000 Hours
  • UV or Broadband Output Fiber Available with FC or SMA Terminations