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Free-Space Photodetector Module Free-Space Photodetector Modules New
  • Compact Design for Easy System Integration
  • Si or InGaAs Photodetectors Ranging from 200 - 1700nm
  • Biased or Amplified Models Available
NIREOS SPIDER High-Dynamic Range VIS-SWIR Photodetector NIREOS SPIDER High-Dynamic Range VIS-SWIR Photodetector New
  • Two Color Si-InGaAs Chip for 320 – 1700nm Wavelength Range
  • Embedded 24-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter
  • Digital USB Connection and Two Analog BNC Connections
Hamamatsu Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) Modules Hamamatsu Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) Modules
  • Wide Spectral Response
  • Fast Time Response
  • Low Dark Noise and High Sensitivity
  • Power Supply Sold Separately
Hamamatsu USB-Powered Photon Counting PMT Modules Hamamatsu USB-Powered Photon Counting PMT Modules
  • Plug-and-Play Photon Counting via USB
  • 8mm Effective Area
  • Programmable with C++ or LabVIEW
Hamamatsu Micro PMT Modules Hamamatsu Micro PMT Modules New
  • Compact Form Factor as Small as 38 x 30 x 12mm
  • 3 x 1mm Effective Area
  • Spectral Response from 300 - 920nm
  • Power Supply Required and Sold Separately
Silicon Photodiodes Silicon Photodiodes
InGaAs Photodiodes InGaAs Photodiodes
  • Response Range From 900nm to 1700nm
  • Package Supports Single and Multi-Mode Fiber Coupling
  • Both Small Area (High Speed) and Large Area
  • Segmented InGaAs Photodiodes Also Available
Hamamatsu Avalanche Photodiodes Hamamatsu Avalanche Photodiodes
  • High Sensitivity and Low Noise
  • High-Speed Response
  • Low-Light Level Measurement
DUV Photodiodes DUV Photodiodes
  • Excellent UV Sensitivity
  • High Shunt Resistance
  • Low Capacitance
Segmented Photodiodes Segmented Photodiodes
  • High Stability Over Temperature and Time
  • Excellent Resolution, High Accuracy, Ultra-Low Dark Current
  • Two or Four Separate Active Area Segments
  • Segmented InGaAs Photodiodes Also Available
Segmented InGaAs Photodiodes Segmented InGaAs Photodiodes
USB Data Acquisition and Data Control Systems USB Data Acquisition and Data Control Systems
  • Robust Software Included
  • Plug and Play Operation
  • Compatible with LabVIEW™
Fiber-Coupled Optical Receiver Modules Fiber-Coupled Optical Receiver Modules
  • High Sensitivity and Overload Power with Wide Dynamic Range
  • Designed for Bandwidths of 3MHz and 120MHz and Wavelength Ranges of 1310 – 1550nm
  • Ideal for Biomedical, Industrial, or Telecommunication Optical Sensor Systems

Detectors are used to measure the illumination of a light source for a number of optical or spectrometry applications. Detectors consist of arrays of photodiodes or photodetectors that transmit electrical current when excited by collision from photons. Detectors enable the measurement of important light characteristics that are not conveniently acquired in other ways. A selection of photodiodes is also available with linked amplifier capabilities for easier, more precise measurement capacities.