Application Notes


Title az    Date 1..9   
A Guide to (Not Over) Specifying Losses in Laser Optics 11/1/2019
Anamorphic Prism Pairs 2/15/2021
Beam Expander Selection Guide 10/7/2017
Beam Expander Testing 4/1/2019
Beam Quality and Strehl Ratio 1/1/2019
Building a Custom Optical Isolator with Stock Components 8/29/2014
Bulk Laser Damage in Glass 3/9/2020
Can A Beam Expander be Used in Reverse? 2/18/2021
Challenges of Specifying LIDT for CW Lasers 1/27/2021
Characteristics of 2µm Lasers 4/9/2018
Coherent® Laser Selection Guide 10/27/2014
Common Laser Optics Materials 12/1/2018
Different Types of LIDT Specifications 6/2/2020
Effects of Laser Mirror Surface Flatness 6/3/2019
Fluorescence Imaging with Laser Illumination 12/18/2017
Fundamentals of Lasers 5/18/2005
Gaussian Beam Propagation 1/1/2019
Highly Reflective Coatings 1/1/2019
Highly-Dispersive Mirrors 5/20/2020
How to Design your own Beam Expander Using Stock Optics 9/14/2016
Importance of Beam Diameter on Laser Damage Threshold 3/1/2018
Laser Beam Expanders 7/15/2009
Laser Beam Shaping Overview 2/10/2021
Laser Damage Threshold Testing 2/25/2016
Laser Power Density versus Energy Density 7/22/2020
Laser Resonator Modes 1/1/2019
LIDT for Ultrafast Lasers 1/1/2019
Metrology for Laser Optics 1/1/2019
Quantum Cascade Lasers 6/23/2020
Rotating vs. Sliding Beam Expander Focusing Mechanisms 4/1/2019
Simplifying Laser Alignment 5/19/2015
Superpolished Optics 2/11/2021
Ultrafast Dispersion 5/19/2020
Ultrafast Lasers – The Basic Principles of Ultrafast Coherence 1/1/2019
Uncertainty in LIDT Specifications 1/1/2019
Understanding and Specifying LIDT of Laser Components 11/27/2017
Understanding Spatial Filters 5/18/2005
UV Optics: Tighter Tolerances and Different Materials 3/1/2018
Why Laser Damage Testing is Critical for UV Laser Applications 3/1/2018
Why Use a Flat Top Laser Beam? 12/31/2019

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