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Clearance Test Targets

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High Precision Ronchi Rulings High Precision Ronchi Rulings
  • Chrome on Glass
  • High Tolerance
  • Superior to Etched and Filled Rulings
  • Lines Parallel to Edge
  • English and Metric Versions
Spectralon® White Balance and Diffuse Reflectance Targets Spectralon® White Balance and Diffuse Reflectance Targets
  • Diffuse Reflectance with 99% Nominal Reflectance in UV-VIS-NIR Wavelength Range (350 - 1600nm)
  • Durable, Stable, and Washable
  • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate and Data from 250 - 2500nm
Color Checkers Color Checkers
  • Test True Color Balance
  • Include Natural, Chromatic, Primary, and Gray Scale Colors
  • 24, 30, 50 or 140 Scientifically Designed Patches
Multi-Frequency Grid Distortion Targets Multi-Frequency Grid Distortion Targets
  • For Calibration of Imaging Systems
  • Varying Spatial Frequency for Different Fields of View
  • NIST Certificate of Accuracy Included