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    Field of View, 1/2" Sensor
    Focal Length FL (mm)
    Working Distance (mm)


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    Ultra Compact Objective Assemblies
    • Shortest and Most Compact Form Factor for an Objective
    • Configurable Magnification Using Designated Extension Tubes
    • Near Diffraction Limited Resolution

    Compact Objective Assemblies
    • Lightweight Design with Compact Form Factor
    • Configurable Magnification Using Spacers
    • Optimized For Long Working Distances

    Adjustable ReflX™ Objectives
    • Units Adjustable for Precision Alignment
    • Various Coating Options Available for Specific Wavelength Ranges
    • Finite Conjugate Design and RMS Threading Integrate Easily in Many Objective Setups

    High Performance ReflX™ Objectives
    • Diffraction Limited Performance: Transmitted Wavefront, RMS: λ/14
    • Streamlined Tapered Design for Added Clearance at 45° AOI
    • Curved Spider Legs to Reduce Diffraction Effects
    • Industry Leading 24 to 31mm Working Distance

    ReflX™ Objectives
    • Industry Leading 24 to 31mm Working Distance
    • EO Designed and Manufactured for Focusing or Imaging Applications
    • Actively Aligned for Optimal Performance
    • Ultra-Wide Spectral Band from 190nm to 11μm with No Chromatic Aberration


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