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Rapid Prototyping

  • 34,000 Optical Components Available to Ship Same Day

  • Modified Stock Optical Components in 2-3 Weeks

  • Rapid Fully-Custom Prototyping Available in as Little as 3 Weeks

  • Inventory of Common Optical Glass Types Shortens Lead Times


When developing a product, being able to quickly and easily iterate your prototypes is critical.

Edmund Optics® makes prototyping easy by simplifying and expediting the pathway to production. For stock solutions, we ship same-day from our globally-renowned inventory of optical components. Beyond our immediately available 34,000 stock optics, quick "modified stock" customizations are available in just 2-3 weeks.

Finally, if we cannot find an off-the-shelf option, our engineers will work with you to develop a custom prototyping solution to meet your unique needs. Our fully-custom prototyping capabilities can supply custom glass components in as little as 3 weeks depending on the component type and geometry.



  • Edmund Optics can turn around fully-custom spherical lenses in 3 weeks or less

Edmund Optics® Global Manufacturing Glass Types

Edmund Optics maintains an inventory of over 65 of the most common optical glass types on hand at manufacturing sites. Using these materials reduces lead time of raw materials and facilitates quick prototyping. More information, a downloadable PDF EO Global Manufacturing Glass Types Map, and Zemax glass catalogs can be found at our Edmund Optics Preferred Glass Types application note.

The following glass map shows all of the optical glass types kept on hand in Edmund Optics' global manufacturing sites:

Edmund Optics Preferred Glass Type
Figure 1: Glass map indicating the Refractive Index, Abbe Number (VD), Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE), and Relative Partial Dispersion (Pg,f).

13 Creative “Hacks” for Rapid Optical Prototyping

There are several techniques that can be commonly used to improve prototyping speed and quickly respond to collapsing product lifecycles. Watch the webinar below to learn about 13 creative "hacks" that can be used to quickly and efficiently make prototypes of optical sub-systems.

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