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Hamamatsu Micro PMT Modules

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Hamamatsu Micro PMT Modules (H12403 Series)

Hamamatsu Micro PMT Modules (H12403 Series) Hamamatsu Micro PMT Modules (H12402 Series)
  • Compact Form Factor as Small as 38 x 30 x 12mm
  • 3 x 1mm Effective Area
  • Spectral Response from 300 - 920nm
  • Power Supply Required and Sold Separately

Hamamatsu Micro Photomultipler Tube (PMT) Modules combine a micro PMT, a voltage divider circuit, and a high-voltage power supply into a small form factor. These Micro PMT Modules use the same vacuum tube technology as conventional PMT Modules and are capable of delivering the same performance as conventional PMT modules. Hammatsu Micro PMT Modules are used in flow cytometry, Raman spectroscopy, semiconductor wafer inspection, medical, and environmental testing applications, particular those involving space sensitive device designs. Micro PMT Modules are available in an upright configuration (H12403 series) or flat configuration (H12402 series) and provide spectral response between 300 - 920nm.

Note: A ±5V power supply, such as the Hamamatsu C10709 (#84-956), is required for operating the H12402 and H12403 series Micro PMT Modules. PMT Modules are extremely light sensitive and exposure to ambient room light during operation will permanently damage the module. Housings are also fragile and will be permanently damaged if dropped. Damages due to above reasons are not covered under warranty or return policies.