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Hamamatsu USB-Powered Photon Counting PMT Modules

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Hamamatsu USB-Powered Photon Counting PMT Modules

  • Plug-and-Play Photon Counting via USB
  • 8mm Effective Area
  • Programmable with C++ or LabVIEW

Hamamatsu USB-Powered Photon Counting Photomultipler Tube (PMT) Modules consist of a PMT, a high speed photon counting circuit, and a high voltage power supply. These photon counting heads are powered and operated through USB connection to a computer, providing plug-and-play functionality for photon counting measurement. Each PMT module ships with device drivers, DLL, sample photon counting software, and sample code for C++ and LabVIEW. Hamamatsu USB-Powered Photon Counting PMT Modules are used in medical applications including blood inspection devices, time-correlating single photon counting, and general research applications requiring photon counting. USB PMT Modules covering the UV, visible, and near-infrared (NIR) are available with two photocathode options, super-bialkali for enhanced quantum efficiency in the visible spectrum or multi-alkali for extended sensitivity into the NIR.

Note: PMT Modules are extremely light sensitive and exposure to ambient room light during operation will permanently damage the module. Housings are also fragile and will be permanently damaged if dropped. Damages due to above reasons are not covered under warranty or return policies.