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Colored Filter Glass Pricing Tool for Custom Sizes

Color glass optical filters operate through absorption rather than the application of coatings. Many types of color glass filters are available including bandpass, shortpass, longpass, neutral density, heat absorbing, and multiband filters.
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Typical 3-4 week delivery. Delivery date to be confirmed at time of order.
Standard Manufacturing Tolerances:
Edge length and diameter +/-0.2 mm
Thickness For ≤ 1mm: ± 0.1mm
For > 1 – 3mm: ± 0.2mm
Surface Quality 60 – 40
Surface Accuracy ≤8 Waves
Parallelism ≤3 arcmin
Clear Aperture ≥90%
Edges & Bevels Round parts ≥ ∅5mm: polished edges & protective bevel
Square & rectangular parts < 50 x 50mm: polished edges, no bevel
Edge Chips For ≤ ∅80mm: < 0.3mm (5/E0.3),
for ≥ ∅81mm < 0.6mm (5/E0.6)

Surface quality according to DIN ISO 10110:
Polishing quality P2
Defects 5/3 x 0.63
All edges machined
Round filters with chamfer max. 0.5mm, square and rectangular < 50x50mm without chamfer
Edge chips permitted up to 5/E0.3
SCHOTT Optical Filter Glass Spectra
General Information SCHOTT Optical Filter Glass:
BG Blue, blue-green, and multiband glasses
GG Nearly colorless to yellow glasses, IR transmitting
KG Virtually colorless glasses with high transmission in the visible and absorption in the IR
NG Neutral density glasses with uniform attenuation in the visible range
OG Orange glasses, IR transmitting
RG Red and black glasses, blocking visible, IR transmitting
UG Black and blue glasses, UV transmitting
VG Green glasses
WG Colorless glasses with different cut-offs in the UV, transmitting in the visible and IR ranges
Note: The spectral curves above show the internal transmittance of the individual optical filter glasses