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Customized Optical Filter Glass

  • 60 SCHOTT Optical Filter Glass Types in Stock

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ITOS, the German manufacturing site of Edmund Optics®, offers optical filter glass in customized shapes, sizes from 4-160mm, and at various thicknesses. Utilizing state-of-the-art production equipment and an extensive inventory of the entire range of SCHOTT Optical Filter Glass, including a large selection of raw glass plates, allow for rapid delivery of small quantities of customized filters. This DIN ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facility guarantees reliability and quality in volume production. ITOS also supports analysing your filter and providing you the required properties.

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Choose from 59 different types of filter glasses to match the spectral requirements of your application. Whether you require small quantities for prototyping or build-to-print manufacturing for OEM systems, or simply need to define the filter specifications, we have the capabilities to cut and polish optical filter glass to ensure the success of your project.

Optical Filter Glass Capabilities
Dimensions Ø 3 to 160mm or 2 x 2mm to 160 x 160mm
Dimensional Tolerances For ≥ 2 – 49mm: ±0.2mm, for ≥ 50 – 99mm: ±0.3mm, for ≥ 100 – 160mm: ±0.4mm
Thickness 0.5 – 4.0mm
Thickness Tolerances For ≤ 1mm: ± 0.1mm, for > 1 – 4mm: ± 0.2mm
Surface Finish* P2
Form Errors, Planarity* 3/10-15 for diameters up to 50mm
Surface Defects* For ≥ 2 – 49mm: 5/3 x 0.63mm, for ≥ 50 – 160mm: 5/4 x 0.63mm
Parallelism* 3 arcmin
Edges & Bevels Round parts ≥ Ø5mm: polished edges & protective bevel
Square & rectangular parts < 50 x 50mm: polished edges, no bevel
Edge Chips For ≤ Ø80mm: < 0.3mm (5/E0.3), for ≥ Ø81mm < 0.6mm (5/E0.6)
*Specifications per DIN ISO 10110. Manufacturing specifications per MIL-PRF-13830B also available.


Color glass optical filters operate through absorption rather than the application of coatings. Many types of color glass filters are available including bandpass, shortpass, longpass, neutral density, heat absorbing, and multiband filters. Click below to learn more about different types of optical filters:

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Custom Options & Available Dimensions and Tolerances

SCHOTT Optical Filter Glass Types Available for Customization
BG3 BG60 VG9 GG395 GG495 RG695
BG7 BG61 VG20 GG400 OG515 RG715
BG18 BG62 UG1 GG420 OG530 RG9
BG25 BG63 UG5 GG435 OG550 RG780
BG38 BG64 UG11 GG455 OG570 RG830
BG39 BG67 BG36 GG475 OG590 RG850
BG40 RG1000 N-WG280 KG5 RG610 NG5
BG42 KG1 N-WG295 NG1 RG630 NG9
BG50 KG2 N-WG305 NG3 RG645 NG11
BG55 KG3 N-WG320 NG4 RG665  
General Information SCHOTT Optical Filter Glass
UG Black and blue glasses, UV transmitting
BG Blue, blue-green, and multiband glasses
VG Green glasses
GG Nearly colorless to yellow glasses, IR transmitting
OG Orange glasses, IR transmitting
RG Red and black glasses, blocking visible, IR transmitting
NG Neutral density glasses with uniform attenuation in the visible range
WG Colorless glasses with different cut-offs in the UV, transmitting in the visible and IR ranges
KG Virtually colorless glasses with high transmission in the visible and absorption in the IR

Additional Custom Options Available

Manufacturing Equipment

  • State-of-the-Art Single- & Double-Sided Polisher
  • High-Precision Diamond Saw
  • Bevelling Machine
  • CNC Centering Machine
  • Waterjet Cutter
  • Laser Engraver


  • Spectrophotometers
  • Zygo® Interferometer
  • Measuring Microscope
  • Digital Measuring Projector
Aspheric Equipment


SCHOTT NG Absorptive Neutral Density (ND) Filters

SCHOTT NG Absorptive Neutral Density (ND) Filters

SCHOTT KG Heat Absorbing Glass

SCHOTT KG Heat Absorbing Glass

Longpass Glass Color Filters

Longpass Glass Color Filters

Colored Glass Bandpass Filters

Colored Glass Bandpass Filters


FAQ  How do I find the correct SCHOTT colored glass filter for my application?

1.) Select the desired spectral characteristics for your filter. Edmund Optics offers SCHOTT longpass, shortpass (heat absorbing), bandpass, and neutral density filters.

2.) Define the required wavelengths for the application. Specifically, determine which wavelengths should be blocked (absorbed) and which wavelengths should be transmitted through the filter.

3.) Choose the required dimensions (including thickness and tolerances) and the mechanical specifications (unpolished, polished, or hardened).

4.) Edmund Optics offers a wide variety of standard SCHOTT colored glass filters, in stock and available for immediate delivery. If your application requires a simple modification to a filter’s size, our Colored Filter Glass Pricing Tool is available for rapid customization. We also offer full customization services for all SCHOTT colored glass filter types.

FAQ  Do all SCHOTT Colored Glass Filters have a chamfer?

Dimensions >50mm are delivered with a protective chamfer. Dimensions ≤50mm (round or square) are supplied without a chamfer but a chamfer can be applied upon request.

FAQ  Is KG range glass (i.e. KG1, KG2, KG3, KG5) suitable for use as laser protection? Am I able build my own laser safety eyewear using these filters?

Edmund Optics does not recommend that anyone build their own laser safety eyewear from the filters we offer. There are a number of global standards, including ANSI Z136, and EN 207/EN 208/60825 that should be strictly adhered to when manufacturing laser safety equipment. However, Edmund Optics does offer a wide range of Laser Safety Eyewear available for purchase. Always work with your organization’s laser safety officer to determine the required level of eye protection.

Technical Resources


Informative corporate or instructional videos ranging from simple tips to application-based demonstrations of product advantages.

Filter Holder Plate and Interchangeable Filter Holder

Filter Holder Plate and Interchangeable Filter Holder


Application Notes

Technical information and application examples including theoretical explanations, equations, graphical illustrations, and much more.

Custom Bandpass Filter using Shortpass and Longpass Filters

Understanding Neutral Density Filters

Optical Filters

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