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Preloaded Norland Optical Adhesive NOA 86H Dispensing Barrel (3cc)

3cc Dispensing Barrel for NOA

3cc Dispensing Barrel for NOA

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Norland Number:
Size (oz):
Bonding Type:
Glass to Glass/Plastic
Glass Bonding:
Metal Bonding:
Plastic Bonding:
Index of Refraction nd:
1.55 @ 589nm
Shelf Life:
4 months
Typical Applications:
Meets Bellcore specification of 85C/85RH for bonding glass. USP Class IV approved for medical applications. Cured with UV, visible light and/or heat.
Viscosity (cps):
250 - 350
Absorption Range (nm):
315 - 420
Energy for Full Cure (J/cm2):
Contains 2g of adhesive

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 219:

Product Family Description

  • Dispensing Syringes Preloaded with 2 or 10g of Adhesive
  • Adhesives for Glass, Metal, and Plastic Bonding
  • Require a Dispensing Unit & Dispenser Tips for Use
  • Applicator and Bulk Bottles of Norland Adhesive Also Available

Preloaded Norland Optical Adhesive Syringes are pneumatic dispensing syringes preloaded with either 2g or 10g of Norland Optical Adhesive. Norland Optical Adhesives are one-part, UV curing adhesives that are used for glass, metal, and plastic bonding. A range of adhesives are available to meet specific application requirements such as MIL-A-3920 for defense applications, low outgassing for aerospace applications, or UV transmission for UV optical applications. Preloaded Norland Optical Adhesive Syringes require a dispensing unit and dispensing tips for use and are ideal for applications requiring precise control of the amount of applied adhesive.