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Norland Optical Adhesives

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Norland Optical Adhesives

Norland Optical Adhesives

Norland Optical Adhesives	1 oz. Application Bottle of NOA (NOA 60 shown as an example) 4 oz. Application Bottle of NBA 107

Norland Optical Adhesives are clear, solvent-free optical adhesives designed to fully cure in only minutes when exposed to ultraviolet light. These adhesives are used in precision alignment or positioning applications that require a robust and resilient bond. Norland Optical Adhesives feature a variety of bonding types, including but not limited to glass to glass, glass to glass/metal, and plastic to plastic/glass. To use Norland Optical Adhesives, apply the adhesive to the optical surface, position the components, and use a UV light source to set the components in place. Since the adhesive will not cure until exposed to UV light, time can be taken during the positioning process to perfect product alignment.  

Technical Information

Norland optical adhesives (NOA) application notes
Title Description
Applying Adhesive Covers best practices to use when applying Norland Optical Adhesives to ensure an even adhesive layer while avoiding air bubbles.
Chemical Resistance of NOA Covers the effects of various chemicals on Norland Optical Adhesives including acids, bases, and solvents.
Preventing Lens Separations with NOA Covers best practices to avoid adhesive failures when bonding optical elements.
Separating Lenses Bonded with NOA Covers how to unbond optical elements bonded with Norland Optical Adhesives.