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Comparison of SWIR and Visible Imaging Systems

SWIR, or short-wave infrared, is light invisible to the human eye but detectable by specialized infrared imaging lenses and cameras. The SWIR spectrum is an ideal choice for a variety of applications, including solar cell inspection, security, and biomedical imaging. Ra'ef Mikhail, Optical Engineer, demonstrates the benefits of a SWIR imaging system compared to a traditional visible system by recreating a popular scene from Star Wars®. It is clear to see that the SWIR system can discern the two characters in a foggy environment, whereas the visible system cannot detect them at all.

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See the difference a lens designed and coated for SWIR makes in electronic board inspection, surveillance, or process quality control.

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SWIR imaging offers a number of advantages when used for inspection, sorting, surveillance, quality control. Check this out to answer "Can you see beyond the visible?"

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