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Rochon Polarizers

  • Multiple Polarization Materials Available
  • Ordinary Rays Pass Through Undeviated
  • Extraordinary Rays Deviate
  • Wollaston Polarizers Also Available

Rochon Polarizers consist of two birefringent material prisms in optical contact with one another. The ordinary and extraordinary rays remain collinear through the first prism. Upon entering the second prism, the ordinary rays do not experience a change in the refractive index and pass through the prism without deviation, while the extraordinary rays refract at the interface.

Laser Optics

Technical Information

Stock No. Outer Diameter Clear Aperture Length
#68-824 25.4mm 10.0mm 28.0mm
#68-825 25.4mm 10.0mm 28.0mm
#68-826 25.4mm 10.0mm 16.0mm
#68-827 25.4mm 10.0mm 18.0mm