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Wollaston Polarizers

  • Multiple Polarization Materials Available
  • UV to IR Ranges Offered
  • Large Deviation of Ordinary and Extraordinary Rays
  • Rochon Polarizers Also Available

Wollaston Polarizers consist of two birefringent right angle prisms cemented together, such that their optical axes are perpendicular. As light passes through the polarizer, a symmetric deviation between the ordinary and extraordinary beams is created. The resulting beams are of orthogonal linear polarization states and have equal intensity and a large angular deviation. Users have access to both the ordinary and extraordinary rays, making them ideal for laboratory experiments.

Laser Optics

Technical Information

Stock No. Outer Diameter Clear Aperture Length Separation Angle α (°)
#68-820 25.4mm 10.0mm 28.0mm 2 - 3 (2 @ 1064nm)
#68-821 25.4mm 10.0mm 18.0mm 16.7 - 22.5 (19 @ 980nm)
#68-822 25.4mm 10.0mm 18.0mm 19.6 - 23.3 (20 @ 1550nm)
#68-823 25.4mm 10.0mm 18.0mm 15 - 27 (16 @ 800nm)