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Edmund Optics® Offers Diamond Turning Technique

Process Produces High Precision Optical Components

7/17/2018, Mainz, Germany   —

Edmund Optics® (EO), the premier provider of optical components, utilizes single point diamond turning to produce a wide range of high precision optical components. The manufacturing technique involves mechanical machining of precision elements using lathes or other machines equipped with diamond-tipped tool bits. This ultra-precise machining process generates desired surface profiles with accuracies of a few nanometers or less.

Precision optical components produced from metals, plastics, and crystalline materials

EO uses single point diamond turning to produce off-axis parabolic (OAP) mirrors, off-axis elliptical (OAE) mirrors, and other precision metal, plastic, and crystalline optical components. Off-axis focusing mirrors are free of aberrations across a broadband range, which is ideal for use in instrumentation and laser systems. EO’s diamond turning capabilities are available in three grades: Commercial (λ wavefront error and 80-50 surface quality), Precision (λ/2 wavefront error and 60-40 surface quality), and High Precision (λ/8 wavefront error and 40-20 surface quality). EO can also achieve RMS surface roughness values as low as 30Å. A variety of coatings are available, including uncoated, aluminum, protected gold, bare gold, and custom coatings.

Diamond turning video demonstration

EO released a video showing footage of optical components being diamond turned. The video demonstrates the strict environmental controls on temperature, cleanliness, and vibration required for diamond turning.

Process improvement reduces setup time, increases lot sizes, and minimizes waste

The video also outlines the data collection process during inspection – monitoring surface quality, surface roughness and mechanical inspection. Process improvement is a priority for EO, including Six Sigma, LEAN processes, and Kaizen events, resulting in reduced setup time, increased lot sizes, and minimized waste. An in-house machine shop allows for streamlined creation of tooling and blanks, further reducing lead times.

Metrology instruments inspect and ensure highest quality

A variety of metrology instruments inspect the diamond turned parts to ensure the highest quality including interferometers, profilometers, and coordinate measuring machines. In addition to the large selection of standard optical components, EO offers build-to-print or custom capabilities to meet exact customer specifications. EO’s diamond turning staff has extensive experience in optimizing designs for manufacturability and cost reduction.

Information about Edmund Optics: Edmund Optics® (EO) is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of precision optics, optical assemblies and image processing components with headquarters in the USA and manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Asia and Europe and sales representatives around the globe. EO has the world's largest inventory of optical components for immediate delivery and offers products, standard or customized, in small quantities but also in volume for various industries. Request a quote or place your order through the website or contact us via phone +49 (0)6131 5700 0 or email by reference to our catalogue.