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Imaging Resource Guide

TECHSPEC Imaging Lenses

Whether your application is in machine vision, the life sciences, security, or traffic solutions, understanding the fundamentals of imaging technology significantly eases the development and deployment of sophisticated imaging systems. That’s why we’re sharing our knowledge and insights to help you specify an imaging system while maximizing performance and minimizing cost.

Section 1: Getting Started

Section 2: Understanding Lens Specifications

Section 3: Understanding Lens Design Limitations

Section 4: Real World Performance

Section 5: Telecentricity and Perspective Errors

Section 6: Advanced Design Concepts

Section 7: Understanding Hardware

Section 8: Liquid Lenses

Section 9: Filter Technology

Section 10:Using Infinity Corrected Objectives

Section 11: Cameras

Section 12: Illumination

Section 13: Testing and Targets

With over 800 Imaging Lenses and 40 pages of in depth Technical Content, make Edmund Optics Your Partner in Imaging Optics.

Free training videos with imaging and illumination tips and tricks.

Join Gregory Hollows as he compares an EO fixed focal length lens to a leading competitor lens and see for yourself how EO performs.

Need help finding the right product? Have questions on your application? Contact us to discuss your technical questions with our expert engineering staff.

The success of your machine vision application depends on the quality of your optics. Our interactive lab report answers the question, "Do optics matter?"

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