Imaging Optics
Resource Guide

Imaging optics are optical components and systems that allow machines and humans to use light for vision. Whether your application is in machine vision, the life sciences, or any industry, understanding the fundamentals of imaging technology significantly eases the development and deployment of sophisticated imaging systems. From applications, design techniques, to product selection, this Imaging Resource Guide is a practical text written to teach readers, technical and non-technical, about the fundamentals of understanding imaging optics.

Getting Started:

Section 1: Lens and Imaging Fundamentals

Section 2: Understanding Lens Specifications

Section 3: Real World Performance

Section 4: Telecentricity and Perspective Error

Section 5: Lens Mechanics

Section 6: Imaging Lens Selection Guide

Section 7: Liquid Lenses in Machine Vision

Section 8: Filter Technology

Section 9: Microscope Objectives

Section 10: Cameras

Section 11: Illumination

Section 12: Testing and Targets