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Macro Zoom Lens

  • 3.3:1 Zoom Ratio
  • Compact Design
  • Lockable Manual Zoom, Focus, and Aperture Control

Designed to accommodate up to a 2/3" format sensor, this compact, high resolution 3.3X Macro Zoom Lens is ideal for a variety of inspection and testing applications. By minimizing distortion, sharp, high contrast images are produced over the entire zoom range. With the 3.3 to 1 zoom ratio, fields of view from 6.4mm to 21.3mm can be achieved at a 90mm working distance. Locking screws for the manual zoom, iris and focus enable these lenses to be used in high vibration environments. Featuring a lens filter thread, the 3.3X Macro Zoom Lens can used in conjunction with a variety of filters and polarizers to meet specific application needs. Common applications include the use of color filters to enhance contrast, polarizers for the elimination of glare and neutral density filters to decrease transmission.