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Precision Zero Order Waveplates (Retarders) Precision Zero Order Waveplates (Retarders)
  • λ/4 and λ/2 Retardance
  • Excellent Angular Field of View
  • Birefringent Polymer Stack
  • High Damage Threshold of 500 W/cm2
Precision Achromatic Waveplates (Retarders) Precision Achromatic Waveplates (Retarders)
  • Broad Spectral Range
  • λ/100 Retardance Accuracy
  • λ/4 and λ/2 Retardance
  • High Damage Threshold of 500 W/cm2
Polymer Waveplates (Retarders) Polymer Waveplates (Retarders)
  • True Zero Order Waveplate Performance
  • λ/4 and λ/2 Retardance
  • Available with Multiple Wavelengths or Achromatic Designs
Retarder Film with protective film removed Polymer Retarder Film New
  • Highly Durable Polymer Sheets
  • λ/4 (WP140HE) Achromatic Retarder with Greater than 90% Transmission from 450-700nm
  • λ/4 (WP140HE), λ/2 (WP280), and 1λ (WP560) Retarder Films Available
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