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InfiniStix™ Imaging Lenses

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  • Fixed Magnification Lenses Available with a Variety of Working Distance Options
  • Primary Magnifications Range From 8X (with DL Doubler) to 0.45X
  • Use DL Doubler Tube to Give Twice the Stated Magnification

InfiniStix™ Imaging Lenses ultra-compact lenses are the best choice for space-restricted OEM integration. Built to withstand demanding industrial environments, InfiniStix™ Video Lenses are only 15mm in diameter (beyond the mounting flange). Their size and unique design make them ideal for characterizing small areas with tight tolerances (insertions, small tubes, etc). InfiniStix™ Imaging Lenses are C-Mountable for easy standard integration. Note that use of the optional DL Doubler Tube adds 12mm to system length. The optional ring light adapter (#54-681) allows mounting of a 21mm ring light guide (#54-176) to the lens.