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Fixed Frequency Grid Distortion Targets

  • For Distortion Measurement and Calibration of Imaging Systems
  • Chrome on Soda Lime Glass or Chrome on White Ivory Glass Versions
  • NIST Certificate of Accuracy Included

Although distortion can often be troublesome in measurement applications, it is important to note that no information about the object is actually lost, but merely misplaced in the image. Using these targets, one can easily determine the precise amount of distortion present and back it out of measurements. The dot center can be located using blob (or centroid) analysis in measurement software. To accommodate the expanding variety of image analysis software and applications we offer fixed frequency and variable frequency targets. The fixed frequency targets are available in various options each with different dot size/dot frequency combinations. Choose a target based on your field of view or resolution/accuracy requirements. These targets are available in either a chrome on soda lime glass or chrome on white ivory glass to accommodate transmission or reflection based applications respectively. Included in the packaging is a serialized NIST Traceable Certificate of Accuracy per MIL-STD-45662A.