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Pre-Mix White Reflectance Coating

Pre-Mix White Reflectance Coating

Pre-Mix White Reflectance Coating #53-697 (Not Available in Europe) #53-698
  • Reflectance Value >97%
  • Usable from UV Through Near-IR
  • Suitable for Coating Metal and a Variety of Other Materials

The Pre-Mix White Reflectance Coating is a water based barium sulfate coating formulated to yield paint with high diffuse reflectance of ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared wavelengths. The pre-mix coating is available in 250ml and 500ml bottles and requires mixing prior to use. Refer to document downloads for instructions on mixing to the proper viscosity and application via spraying, as well as the Safety Data Sheet.

Once mixed, the Pre-Mix White Reflectance Coating is easily applied by spraying on the desired material, and readily forms a uniform coating. It is ideal for use as the original or replacement coating for integrating spheres, and in reflectance spectrophotometers, color difference meters, sphere photometers, and other similar components. It can even be used to make one’s own diffusing test target. The coating itself yields absolute reflectance >97% from 350 – 850nm and >92% from 250 - 1300nm. The coating is typically stable against high intensity radiation, but prolonged exposure (especially UV) can decrease reflectance. Since the coating is not luminescent, it is ideal for spectroscopic use.

Caution: #53-697 and #53-698 are hazmat products and not available in all regions. Special shipping instructions apply. Please contact us for a suitable replacement.