White, 2" High Brightness LED Diffuse Axial Illuminator

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Advanced Illumination Diffuse Axial LED Illuminators

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Model Number:
Operating Temperature (°C):
0 to +60
Dimensions (mm):
128 L x 60 W x 57 T
Weight (g):
Working Distance (mm):
Power Supply:
Power Supply Required and Sold Separately:
USA: #66-855
Europe: #66-855
Japan: #66-855
Korea: #33-773
China: #66-855
Type of Illumination:
LED Illuminator
Optional Manual Intensity Adjustment #86-887 and #89-555 are Available
Advanced Illumination
Diffuse Axial
Illumination Mode:
Aperture Size:
~2" x 2"

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Certificate of Conformance:
Reach 233:

Product Family Description

  • Bright, Consistent Diffuse Illumination Over Field of View
  • Unique Modular Heat Sink Design
  • Internal Beamsplitter Ideal for Inspecting Highly Reflective Objects
  • Excellent Light Stability

Advanced Illumination Diffuse Axial LED Illuminators are ideal for inspecting highly reflective optics. These coaxial illuminators provide even illumination over the field coverage. LED intensity can be varied through the in line potentiometer. Advanced Illumination Diffuse Axial LED Illuminators feature vibration free performance and easily mount via M6 threaded holes.

Note: Required 24V power supply #66-855. Accessories for Advanced Illumination products are available and sold separately.