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Small X-Y Axis Leadscrew Drive

X-Y Axis Leadscrew Drive Metric Stages

X-Y Axis Leadscrew Drive Metric Stages X-Axis Leadscrew Drive Metric Stages X-Y-Z Axis Leadscrew Drive Metric Stages #58-290
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Type of Movement:
Linear (X-Y)
Guide System:
Type of Drive:
Lead Screw
Leadscrew Pitch (mm):
Stage Size (mm):
24 x 30
Travel (mm):
10 (±5)
Mounting Threads:
(6) M3 x 0.5
Center Hole:
5.8mm Thru
Load Capacity (kg):
Weight (kg):

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 219:

Product Family Description

  • Locking Knobs for Secure Positioning
  • 0.5mm Travel per Knob Rotation
  • Available with up to 15mm Travel in X and Y with 12mm Travel in Z

Leadscrew Drive Stages are ideal for a variety of positioning requirements that require high load capacities. Each stage features a leadscrew drive and locking knobs for securing the stage position. A top plate is available for large models (#58-290) with both M6 and ¼-20 tapped holes to directly accept posts or post holders. Large models feature an aluminum base plate for easy integration.

Technical Information

Technical Information