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PixeLINK SDK Version 4

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Product Description

Developer's Software #58-179

The PixeLINK® SDK contains a full Application Programming Interface, along with a sample application with full source code, LabVIEW™ wrappers and full documentation. The SDK is compatible with Visual Basic, Visual C and Visual C++ on Windows™ 2000, XP and Vista (32-bit) platforms. With the SDK, developers can integrate PixeLINK® cameras into their custom applications with ease. The API is based on an object-oriented model where the camera contains all the information about its capabilities and functions. A small set of API functions can be used to determine and control the feature set supported by the camera. Integration is simple and fast. The SDK includes the PixeLINK® Developer’s Application, a sample application that controls all the camera functions and demonstrates camera performance. The Developer’s Application provides integrators with examples of how a PixeLINK® camera can be integrated into a complex application. As well as full source code for the application, the Developer’s Application also provides an API function call log that shows the sequence of API calls used and the parameter values any time a control on the GUI is accessed.

In order to keep customers up-to-date with new software patches, releases and source code, PixeLINK® forwards a registration card and registration number with every purchase of the PixeLINK® SDK in the place of a software CD. Once customers are registered, via the online registration center, PixeLINK® will provide the most up to date software, sample source code and documentation.