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Metric Spatial Filter

Metric Spatial Filter, #57-739

Metric Spatial Filter, #57-739

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Adjustable - Linear (XYZ) & Tilt
Black Anodized Aluminum
Type of Optics:
Compatible Post:
M6 x 1.0
Type of Drive:
Differential Micrometer (XY)
Linear Travel (mm):
XY: ±1.5, Z: ±3
Linear Travel Resolution (μm):
2.5 (XY)
Base Tilt Angle (°):
Requires one pinhole aperture and microscope objective

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 219:

Product Description

Metric Spatial Filters are only compatible with the following objectives: DIN Achromatic 4X (#36-131), DIN Micro-Plan 4X (#38-341), DIN Achromatic 4X (#43-902), DIN Plan 4X (#67-706), and the JIS Achromatic 10X (#30-046).