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Image Analysis Micrometer on Opal Glass

Chrome on Opal Glass

Chrome on Opal Glass

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Scale Divisions:
0 to 2.5 inches
0.5 inches
Dimensions (mm):
25.4 x 76.2
Thickness (mm):
1.50 ±0.100
Dimensional Tolerance (mm):
Pattern Tolerance (μm):
±2 (±4 for Plate 1 Item #3 and #4)
Chrome on Opal Glass
NIST Certification:

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
REACH 201:

Product Family Description

  • Designed for Measurement Calibration

The circles, squares, bars, and other geometries on the micrometer are designed to be used for calibration and verification of measurement systems. Table lists the individual characteristics of the eight test plates featured. Also features a 2.5" linear scale for larger scale calibrations or measurements, labeled every 0.5". Glass slide dimensions: 1" W x 3" L x 1.5mm T. Large circle at the right of the slide is 0.5" dia. Test Plates 1-4 correspond to top patterns and 5-8 to bottom patterns, all left to right. Patterns 1, 2 and 8 are calibrated on NIST certified version of micrometers.

Technical Information

Plate Frame Size Description
1 4600 x 3500μm Circles with diameters 2000μm, 1000μm, 500μm, 250μm
2 1000 x 800μm Circles with diameters 500μm, 250μm, 125μm, 62.5μm
3 1000 x 800μm 7 BARS (200μm x 20μm) separated by 30°
4 1000 x 800μm Various circles, doughnuts, and HEX shapes
5 4000 x 3200μm Squares of 100μm, 40μm, 20μm, (2 sets)
6 2050 x 1650μm Grid with 50μm holes and walls
7 4200 x 3400μm Grid with 200μm holes and walls
8 10000μm long SCALE (micrometer) 10μm

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