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Preloaded Norland Optical Adhesive NOA 81 Dispensing Barrel (3cc)

3cc Dispensing Barrel for NOA (NOA 60 shown as an example)

3cc Dispensing Barrel for NOA (NOA 60 shown as an example)

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Norland Number:
Size (oz):
Bonding Type:
Glass to Glass/Metal
Glass Bonding:
Metal Bonding:
Plastic Bonding:
Index of Refraction nd:
1.56 @ 589nm
Hard, Resilient
Shelf Life:
4 months
Typical Applications:
Extra fast curing adhesive for tacking Spot bonding or centering
Viscosity (cps):
Absorption Range (nm):
320 - 380
Energy for Full Cure (J/cm2):

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 209:

Product Family Description

  • Excellent Optical Qualities
  • Available in Easy to Use Barrels
  • Cure Quickly when Exposed to UV Light

Norland Optical Adhesives are clear, solvent-free optical adhesives designed to fully cure in only minutes when exposed to ultraviolet light. Norland Optical Adhesives are used in precision alignment or positioning applications that require a robust and resilient bond. To use Norland Optical Adhesives, apply the adhesive to the optical surface, position the components, and use a UV light source to set the components in place. Since the adhesive will not cure until exposed to UV light, time can be taken during the positioning stage.

Note: Preloaded Norland Dispensing Barrels (3cc and 10cc) require a Dispensing Gun or Hand Plunger as well as Dispenser Tips for adhesive application. Warm, soapy water or acetone can be used to debond components.

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